751. Let Me Have My Way


Let Me have My way with you

Let your hearts be pure and true

Let Me have My way

I知 the Potter; you池e the clay

Let Me have My way with you


752. It Will Be Worth The Wait


It will be worth the wait

Such joy and happiness

Good things come to those who wait on God

We look for the precious gifts sent from above

His plans are perfect for those He loves


Sarah, Rachel, Hannah and Elizabeth

Wanted so much to have a child

They waited, suffered and endured disgrace

Then God痴 time finally came for each of them

His gift to each was well worth the wait


753. Rejoice


I rejoice in you today; I know you値l make a way

I rejoice in you today come whatever may

Your promises are sound; your Word is true

I rejoice in you today; I see through eyes of faith

I am blessed in every way

A song in my heart, a smile on my face

I rejoice in you, YAHWEH-YASHA


754. Cheer Up


Cheer up, take courage

If you池e depending on YAHWEH-YASHA

Cheer up, take courage

If your strength comes from Him

Cheer up, take courage

He痴 not One to let you down

Cheer up, take courage

When trials want to bog you down

Cheer up, take courage

Remember you are homeward bound


755. Sing My Words With Faith


Sing My words with faith, My children

Believe them with all of your hearts

I致e led you this way; I know what I知 doing

Don稚 question My ways; I知 not slow and I do care

I give you My words and melodies

Who else could give you all these songs?

Sing My words with faith, My children

Stand strong and do not fear

I知 your shield and always near


756. You Are To Follow Me


You are to follow Me, My children

Leave all the details to Me

If you値l just walk in My footsteps

Everything will turn out perfectly

My children must persevere and have faith

Be of good cheer, I have overcome the world

Be an overcomer, walk in victory

I値l help you on your way

Look up, My coming is not far away


757. Believe Me


I知 coming back, My children, believe Me

My name is YAHWEH-YASHA and I知 your Saviour

I do not lie or deceive

Why would I want My children to suffer

In this wicked world?

I love you, My children, believe Me

I知 coming back to take you home with Me


758. Time Is Running Out


Time is running out, My children

The time of My coming is nearer now than before

Judgment is going to fall on the people of darkness

Make sure you are children of the Light

I know the designs of all hearts

Everything good or bad will be brought to light

Examine yourselves and put yourselves to the test

Are you walking in all the light I致e given you?

If you are, hold on fast until I come

Let there be no trace of darkness, time is running out


759. I知 Waiting On My Saviour


I知 waiting on my Saviour

I知 glad I know He値l come through

I知 waiting on my Saviour; His promises to me are true

In His Word I trust, in His love I rest

I知 waiting on my Saviour; to me He is the very best


760. Let My Word Be At Work


Let My Word be at work within you

Let My love shape your lives every day

If you値l trust Me and just be patient

Pleasing fruit you will bear in Me


Let My Word be at work within you

And My ways shall be your guide every day

It takes time to build a strong foundation

But the results are worth it all you will see


Let My Word be at work within you

I will guide your steps straight and true

Let your Saviour have His will in your lives

Then 摘nter in is what I値l say to you


761. Live My Word


Live My Word, My children

Let it shape your thoughts and lives

I commend you for persevering and not giving up

I know you want to be used by Me

Be how I want you to be, My children, so I can use you

To send you forth before you池e ready

Would be disaster for you and shame for My name

Put into practice what you have heard

Be an example to others how they should be

I will help you if you really want to please Me


762. I Want To Be Used By You


I want to be used by you, YAHWEH-YASHA

To be a shining light to others

I want to grow in you, YAHWEH-YASHA

Please show me the way

Though tests and trials come our way

They teach us perseverance day by day

At times things get tough and life gets hard

You are our example of how to be

We trust in you in our time of need

I want to grow in you, YAHWEH-YASHA


763. He Endured The Cross For Me


He endured the cross for me; He endured the cross at Calvary

He was spit at, mocked and had a crown of thorns

Then the nails were driven into His hands and feet

The cross wasn稚 a pretty sight

His angels He could have called to fight

The agony of pain He endured

All because of His love for even one lost soul


764. I Know My Saviour Will Return


I know my Saviour will return

His coming will be soon

He promised us He値l come back for His people

The road to heaven is straight and narrow

Only few will enter in

If we keep our faith high and serve Him wholeheartedly

We will be one of His people

YAHWEH-YASHA, we truly believe


765. Dwell On My Word


Dwell on My Word everyday

Dwell on My Word as you watch and pray

Dwell on My Word

Dwell on all you have heard

Dwell on My Word and gain strength


766. My One Command To You


My one command to you is this, listen to My voice

Then I will be your God and you will be My people

In everything, follow the way I mark out for you

And you shall prosper

My people of old did not pay attention

They followed their own stubborn

And wicked inclinations

They wouldn稚 accept correction

They believed the lies of their own mouths

The opportunity to be one of Mine is before you

Make the right choice and follow Me


767. Stay True To Me


Stay true to Me, I know what痴 best

Stay true to Me and pass your test

My Word is true; My way is life

Stay close to Me, I will guide

You know how I知 leading you

You know what is right

Stay true to Me, listen to My voice


There are those who don稚 agree

There are those who say it痴 not right

There are those who say it doesn稚 matter

To do what is right

But you know My ways, you know what痴 right

Look to My Word

Stay true to Me, I am your God


768. Don稚 Depart


Don稚 depart from what I致e put

Into your mouths, My children

My Word will be your judge on the last day

My Word can be counted on

I am YAHWEH-YASHA and I haven稚 changed

It痴 not for Me to speak and not fulfill

I watch over My Word to perform it

Be faithful to My Word; tests will come upon you

My Word will stand the test of time


769. Wait On Me


Wait on Me, My children

Stay within the boundaries where I can bless you

Don稚 trade My treasures for anything temporal

My people wouldn稚 wait

For Moses to come down the mountain

They chose to indulge their flesh instead

The pleasures of sin are fleeting

There痴 a price to pay for living that way

If they would have only waited on Me

A little longer is all they had to wait

The pleasures that I had for them

Would have flooded their souls

Wait on Me, wait on Me, wait on Me

You won稚 be sorry if you wait on Me


770. YAHWEH-YASHA Will Be There


Others may look down on us and think we are strange

But we can just look to YAHWEH-YASHA

He will stand beside us if we池e pleasing Him

We can trust Him, count on Him and He痴 dependable

He痴 a wonderful, guiding counselor

Others may think we aren稚 right

But YAHWEH-YASHA will always be there


771. Chance After Chance


Chance after chance, day after day

I have asked you to do things My way

Take the time to do things My way

In the end you won稚 be sorry; make your change today

Things of this life will pass away

In the end they won稚 matter

Take this chance to make a change

If you want to please Me and be one of Mine

Take My words to heart and be like Me


772. Thank You For Not Giving Up On Me


Thank you for not giving up on me

Your patience and mercy are amazing to see

Your ways and your Word are one and the same

Blessed is the man who walks in your truth

Right now the choice is before me

To walk in your ways or follow my own

I thank you, YAHWEH-YASHA, for another chance

To do things your way and not giving up on me


I would致e understood if you would致e given up

On me long ago

To think that you致e kept dealing with my heart

Shows me that you love me so

A change is what you want; a change is what you値l get

I知 so thankful you池e not finished working on me yet


773. I Will Come Through For You


I will come through for you

I will come through for you

Am I not a friend that sticks closer than a brother?

Trust in Me, I will come through for you


774. Be Strong, Do Not Fear


Be strong, do not fear, I am with you

Be strong, do not take fright

I will not leave you alone

I am walking beside you; I know what is best

Don稚 let your hearts be full of fear

My Word is true


Do I leave those alone whom I love?

I am with you come what may

Take My words to heart, I will see you through

Hold My hand, I知 reaching out to you


I love you; please Me by trusting Me

Cling to My Word; hold fast with all your might

I am watching over thee

Look and see, be strong in Me


775. Thank YAHWEH-YASHA For All


Thank YAHWEH-YASHA for all He痴 given to us

He痴 given us so much; remember the 10 lepers


To heal them and He did

None of them thanked Him but one

Don稚 be like the other nine lepers

Who took their healings for granted

Be like that one leper and you値l

Be with YAHWEH-YASHA forever

Thank YAHWEH-YASHA for all He痴 given to us


776. Faith For Today


I知 only as good as today

I値l go just as far as my faith will take me

I know where to find it but faith does not store

If all else is lost, then YAHWEH-YASHA I pray

Please help me receive faith for today


Faith comes from your Word it is true

It痴 up to me to seek faith but it must come from you

I want to put forth the effort as you show me the way

To get what I need, faith for today


777. Feed Your Faith


Feed your faith, My children

Devour My Word day and night

My promises, My commands and My path

Have all been made known to you

But you must feed your faith, My children

Feel the reality of My Word

Faith will keep you on the path to victory

I didn稚 lead you this far to desert you

Just follow Me every step of the way


778. It痴 Time To Rise Up


It痴 time to rise up and have faith

It痴 time to believe Him with all of our hearts

He is our refuge and our shield

We put our hope in His Word

He won稚 disappoint us in our hope

Our God is great and worthy to be praised

Our God is faithful to all His promises

It痴 time to rise up and have faith


779. YAHWEH-YASHA Will Keep Us Safe


YAHWEH-YASHA will keep us safe

No matter where we are

If we池e serving Him

He will never leave us alone

YAHWEH-YASHA is trustworthy

We can always count on Him

YAHWEH-YASHA will keep us safe

If we need His help, He will be right there

YAHWEH-YASHA, thank you for helping us each day


780. He Gives Strength To The Weary


He gives strength to the weary

He strengthens the powerless to do His will

Our God is great and mighty

And He hears the cry of the needy

He gives strength to the weary

Those who wait and hope in Him renew their strength

Our God is willing and able to help His people

His strength is all we need


781. I Rely On Your Promises


I rely on your promises; my whole being hopes in you

Your promises give me life

A hope which will not let me down

True to your Word, revive me and I shall live

Your commands are for my own good

Blessed are all that obey your Word


Your Word is a light to guide my feet on your path

I find my delight in your will; I do not forget your words

Your promises are my hope



782. This Is A Beautiful Day


This is a beautiful day to praise YAHWEH-YASHA

This is a beautiful day to praise His holy name

This is a beautiful day to honor the King of glory

This is a beautiful day to thank Him for His love


This is a beautiful day to sing His praises

This is a beautiful day to dwell upon His Word

This is a beautiful day to honor our Lord and Saviour

Won稚 it be a beautiful day when we reign with Him on high?


783. Don稚 Drift Away


Don稚 drift away from your fortress

Don稚 drift away lest you fall

Cling to Me, I am your fortress

Run to Me and give Me your all


784. YAHWEH-YASHA Is Always By Your Side


YAHWEH-YASHA is always by your side

You are never alone because He痴 right there

Don稚 worry, don稚 be afraid

Shout to Him if you are afraid

He will never ignore you

Keep trusting and seeking Him with all your hearts

YAHWEH-YASHA loves each of you

He will never turn away if you just have faith

YAHWEH-YASHA will always be there


785. Don稚 Forget How Blessed You Are


Don稚 forget how blessed you are

Right where you池e at

I致e been your protection, your helper and guide

I致e always been there for you to lean on

Even though it痴 hard to be patient

For My plans, it痴 a necessity

When the time of waiting is over

It will all seem like a blur

Count your blessings and wait on Me

It痴 a matter of time before you see victory


786. We池e Not Home Yet


We池e not home yet but YAHWEH-YASHA

Will come back for us soon

We池e not home yet but He will take us

To our heavenly home

We池e not home yet but we池e going

To be gone very soon

We池e thankful that He痴 coming soon for His people


Our eternal home is waiting for us in heaven

Soon we値l be gone from this wicked world

Our homes are awaiting us with heavenly riches

If we池e serving and praising Him

We値l be home very soon


787. Trust In YAHWEH-YASHA



You can always count on Him

Trust in YAHWEH-YASHA; He won稚 fail


He blesses us so mightily with miracles



You may have other friends in this life

But none are more trustworthy than Him

Love Him with hearts of joy



788. Your Word Rules


There痴 a way that seemeth right unto man

But it ends in death

Your Word rules

The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked

Your Word rules

Your Word is eternal

Your commands must be kept

Your promises can be relied on

Your Word rules

My thoughts must be brought

Into submission to your Word

Your Word rules


789. Reach Out To Me Today


Reach out to Me today

Reach out to Me today

I will show you the way

I知 your heavenly Father and I look after you

Reach out to Me today


790. Our God Can Do Anything


Our God can do anything; His name is eternal

He痴 our mighty God; our God can do anything

No one can compete with Him

He provides miracles and blessings

Our God can do anything; He痴 our King and Saviour

And He loves us all

Our God can do anything

Keep trusting and praising Him


791. Follow Me, We池e Almost Right There


Follow Me, My children, we池e almost right there

Don稚 let anything overwhelm you

Don稚 let the enemy trick you in any way

I致e led you this way; I致e been there for you

I致e helped you up; I致e forgiven you of your trespasses

I致e taught you My ways

Follow Me, My children, we池e almost right there

Let Me have My way with you

You know you can trust Me

You know I won稚 let you down

You have to follow Me the whole way

I have good things in store for you

Don稚 be overwhelmed with greed for anything good or bad

Don稚 be overwhelmed

Your time will come and you値l have all you need and more

Follow Me, My children, we池e almost right there


792. It痴 You


It痴 you who has led us this way

It痴 you who will see us through

It痴 you, YAHWEH-YASHA, it痴 you


We said we would follow; that is what we do

We walk on your path and keep our eyes on you


We look to you to make a way

We look to you to open the door

We壇 have been done long ago but you keep giving us more


793. Fearlessly Maintain The Hope


Fearlessly maintain the hope to which you trust in

Stay fired up as you follow and obey

Don稚 you see that it is I walking right beside you?

Trust Me all the way; do not turn astray

Maintain your hope in Me


794. He Is A Sheltering Rock


He is a sheltering rock for me, always accessible

YAHWEH-YASHA is my refuge

And a sheltering rock for me


On Him I致e relied since my youth

He has rescued me from the depths of sin

He has saved me and kept me

He listens to my prayer

I sing His praises for all He痴 done for me


795. I Have Called Out To You


I have called out to you, My children

But you choose to do things your way

I have stretched out My hands to you

And have shown you the way

Why neglect My instructions?

No good can come from rejecting My ways

To please Me brings happiness

To do things My way brings peace

Repent, My children, repent

Ask yourselves this question

Does doing things your way really satisfy?

Deny yourselves

Take up your cross daily and follow Me


796. Fear Not


Fear not, for I知 still walking right beside you

I致e not forgotten you; I知 watching over thee

Fear not, for I知 your shield against the tempter

My hand is strong and mighty

My strength is here for thee

I致e kept you all this time by My own power

I致e blessed you with truth as yet unknown

All I ask is that you love Me more than ever

That you trust Me, praise Me and follow Me home

Fear not, Gabriel痴 lips are on the trumpet

I知 coming back for those pure and clean within


797. Keep Your Walk Fresh


Keep your walk fresh with Me each day

Don稚 take for granted your blessings

All you have comes from Me

All the blessings you致e received have been

Showered upon you by My generosity

Keep your walk fresh with Me each day

Be thankful I知 leading you this way


798. Be Confident


Be confident, My children

What you致e received are not idle words

Call on My name and I will help you

I will see you through

When I answer, be sure to thank Me and not have pride

Let your faith produce a confidence in Me

A confidence that will shine on your face

My words are not idle

They will come to pass in My good time


799. We Are So Blessed


We are so blessed to have a God who cares so much for us

He rescued us from the evils of this world

This Holy One who is trustworthy and true

Has called us to be children of His

A people who will show forth His praises and let the world

Know He cares and still reigns

Let everyone bless God and sing His praises

For He holds our lives in His hands and He holds

Our feet to the path

Let those that love His salvation exclaim

What a wonderful God He is


800. Go And Sin No More


Go and sin no more so no one can condemn you

Go and sin no more because you致e been set free

Go and sin no more, that痴 what I expect of you

Go and sin no more, it痴 proof you致e been changed by Me


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