851. We Must Keep To What Youíve Given


We must keep to what youíve given us

We must follow your instructions

Youíve put your words into our mouths


Your words mean life to all that obey

If weíre wise weíll take them to heart

Youíre so great and mighty


May we please you with our lives

May we worship you every day

You mark out for us the way to walk



852.   Live My Word All Who Follow Me


Live My Word, all who follow Me

Live My Word, in all you say and do

If you want to do what is pleasing

Live My Word, it is upright and true


Look to My Word for your source of direction

It will keep you on the path thatís heaven-bound

Put My Word into practice in your life

Not mere words, My Word is alive

Keep My Word alive and you will live


853.  A Part Of Your Lives


Make sure YAHWEH-YASHA is a part of your lives

Donít focus on the things of this world

His ways may seem hard sometimes

But struggle with all your might

Make sure YAHWEH-YASHA is a part of your lives

He loves us and wants to be with us

Heís mighty and strong, Heíll never fail us

We must be ready when He comes for us


854.  What Is The Secret Of Our Strength?


What is the secret of our strength? 

It is in living His Word

What is the secret of our strength?

It is in doing His will

Where does our confidence come from?

It is avoiding all wrong and keeping our peace

What would destroy our faith?

Walking by sight and disobeying Him


855. How Great Are All Your Works


How great are all your works, YAHWEH our Saviour

Truly you are God Almighty

Upright are all your ways, King of nations

All nations will come and bow before you

To revere and glorify your name, YAHWEH-YASHA

For you alone are holy

You alone are worthy of our praise


856. Glorious Praise


Glorious praise we offer to your name

Honor and power belong to you

YAHWEH-YASHA, we give you our praise

You are the King

We lift up your name and trust in your ways


857. Hallelujah


Hallelujah to YAHWEH-YASHA

Hallelujah, you are worthy

Hallelujah, we love your holy name

Hallelujah, hallelujah


858. Get A Hold Of The Saviour Every Day


Get a hold of the Saviour every day

Get a hold of the Saviour when you pray

When youíre down on your knees in prayer

Reach out to Him for He is there

Seek Him for His power; seek Him for His strength

Get a hold of the Saviour every day


859. Thou Art Worthy


Thou art worthy, thou art worthy

Thou art worthy to be praised and adored

Thou art worthy, Holy Saviour

Thou art worthy, YAHWEH-YASHA


860. Your Holy Name We Adore


Your holy name we adore

You will reign forevermore

We exalt and praise you; we worship you alone

You promised to show yourself jealous

For your holy name

May our hope in you stay the same

Your holy name we praise

We worship you and glorify your name


861. All That Matters


All that matters is what YAHWEH-YASHA

Thinks of you

What others think doesnít matter if He

Thinks well of you

Eternity with Him is waiting

Obeying His Word is what we must do

You feel great if people speak well of you

It doesnít matter at all what they think

All that really matters is what

YAHWEH-YASHA thinks of you


862.  Do Not Fear, Do Not Be Daunted


Do not fear; do not be daunted, it is I

Do not fear; do not be daunted, it is I

I go before you, I am near

Walk on in confidence and cheer

Do not fear; do not be daunted, it is I  


863. Be Not Afraid


Be not afraid for I am with you

Worship Me and believe in My faithful love

My ways are steadfast; My ways are true

Believe and trust Me and success you shall see


864. I Am There


When you walk through the valley, I am there

When you walk on the mountaintop, I am there

When youíre feeling tired and lonely

When youíre feeling blue

I am there; Iím walking right beside you


865. Into Your House We Come


Into your house we come to praise you, the King

Into your house we come to exalt your holy name

You are great and do great things

You are mighty and worthy of our praise

Into your house we come to give thanks unto you

Into your house we come to lift up our hands in praise


866. Put Your Anchor Down


When the winds of life try to blow you off course

Put your anchor down

Until the storm clouds pass put your anchor down

Cling to what Heís given us; His promises hold secure

Put your anchor down; put your anchor down


867. Praise Him


Praise Him for all Heís going to do

Praise Him for He will see us through

Praise Him in the morning; praise Him through the day

Praise YAHWEH-YASHA, He always makes a way


868. You Are The Worthy One


You are the worthy One; you alone are worthy of our trust

By faith we follow, by love you will lead

You alone are worthy of our praise


May our faith stand up to the test

Because your promises wonít fail; your Word is true

May we faithfully follow and be pleasing to you

We must not be like Thomas who doubted without proof

We must use our faith to be found worthy of our call


869. You Must Be Consecrated


You must be consecrated, My children

Take to heart all Iíve spoken to you

A consecrated heart is an obedient heart

Donít just listen and not obey; I love you, My children

Thatís why Iíve chosen to lead you this way

Put all your heart into serving Me

Itís up to you if ďWell doneĒ is what Iíll say


870. Glorify And Praise His Name


Glorify and praise His name, hallelujah

Our great God will never fail, hallelujah

Magnify and lift Him up, Heís worthy of our praise

He leads us with His mighty hand

Praise His holy name


871. Heís The Same Today


Heís the same today as He was yesterday

He never changes; Heís still in control

Heís the Mighty God, filled with power and love

YAHWEH-YASHA is the same today


872. Take Uprightness As Your Master


Take uprightness as your master; be freed from sin

Be a slave to obedience and have peace within

I will judge all people and reward each their due

Live for Me, follow closely, to My ways stay true


873. Donít Question My  Ways


Donít question My ways, My children

I know what Iím doing

My ways are right, they will help you

They may seem different but trust Me

I know what Iím doing

Donít question My ways, My children

Youíll never regret following My ways

Trust Me, I love you and Iíll keep you

Just follow Me and obey


874. How Awesome You Are


How awesome you are, YAHWEH-YASHA

Your achievements are the measure of your power

We glorify you with our praises

Your greatness is above all

All the earth will bow down before you

All will bend the knee at your great name

We rejoice in you, Oh King of Glory

Who is He, this King of Glory?

It is YAHWEH our Saviour



875. Iím Training You


Iím training you, My children

To be a vessel I can use

Submit to Me, I know what is best

Donít rebel against Me, My children

You wonít be sorry that youíve walked this way

Follow closely and obey

Iím shaping your character, My children

Walk My way


876. Let Me Finish The Work Iíve Started


Let Me finish the work Iíve started in each of you

Iím shaping you by My Word

Persevere in putting My Word into practice

It will keep you, help you, and save your souls

My coming wonít be delayed much longer

Be sure you are ready to meet Me

I know everything you do, your thoughts do not escape Me

I plead with you, My children, be ready to meet Me


877. More Than Ever Before


More than ever before I want to trust you

More than ever before I want to praise you

More than ever before I want to draw closer to you

More than ever before I want to love you


878. He Has Redeemed Me


He has redeemed me from this world of sin

He has redeemed me; I have joy within

He has redeemed me; Iím heavenward bound

In YAHWEH-YASHA my hope can be found


I may look poor and needy to others

But with YAHWEH-YASHA Iím rich as a king

His saving justice soon I shall see

Iíve been redeemed and that is why I sing


879. Your Word Is My Delight


Your Word is my delight, the joy of my heart

Your Word shows me whatís right and wrong

Itís a light to guide my steps; your Word is my delight

Your promises thrill my soul; your Word never changes

Your Word makes me whole


880. Take Up Your Shield Of Faith


Take up your shield of faith to stop the darts of the evil one

Take up your shield of faith and stand your ground

Unto the end

Take up your shield of faith

With truth as a belt around your waist

Reject all thoughts that are false

And take up your shield of faith


881. I Want To Do What Is Pleasing


I want to do what is pleasing in your sight

I want to walk with you and do whatís right

Shape the purpose of my heart

Direct my thoughts towards your Word

Pleasing you is all I want to do

All because I really love you


882. YAHWEH-YASHA Will See Us Through


He will see us through

YAHWEH-YASHA will see us through

Though obstacles abound all around us

He will see us through


YAHWEH-YASHA will never forsake us

But we must persevere unto the end

We must not draw back; we must keep the faith

And trust ourselves to Him


883.   Heís Coming, Believe It


Heís coming, believe it, Heís coming

His holy name will save us all

Praise Him forever and ever

YAHWEH-YASHA is our Saviour

Heís coming, believe it, Heís coming

Heís shown us the way to heaven

Just follow His ways; stay on the right path

Stay awake, Heís coming anytime


884. The Power To Please Me


The power to please Me is there for the asking

Ask with faith and you shall receive

Believe that you have it and itís yours

The power to please Me is there for the asking

Childlike faith is all thatís needed to receive

Iím looking for fruit, My children

Fruit that will last

My Word is the seed; My Spirit is the water

Your hearts are the ground

Let My Word bear fruit in each of you


885. Be An Example Of Me


Iíll continue to lead and guide you

But you must be an example of Me

An example of My love

An example of My kindness

An example for others to see

I desire your hearts to be humble

Forgiving and filled with peace

Cast out all sin

Let love enter in and be an example of Me


886. Like Clay In The Potterís Hand


Like clay in the Potterís hand so you are Mine

Like clay in the Potterís hand Iím shaping your lives

Iím molding and making you

Into a vessel tried and true

Like clay in the Potterís hand so you are Mine


I am the Potter, you are the clay

Be humble and patient as I shape you My way

Sometimes I have to break you down

And shape your vessel anew

Just stay on the Potterís wheel

Iím still working on you


887. We Shall Taste Of Victory


We shall be victorious; we shall be triumphant

With our great God behind us

We shall taste of victory

Our God is great and mighty

His power is unmatched anywhere

His Word is our sword; His promises our shield

We shall be victorious; we shall taste of victory


888. Relying On Truth


Relying on truth is what I desire

Not in traditions of men, nor anything false or pretense

But give me the truth

I know thatís what I can rely on


Godís Word is truth that I can rely on

I need never fear; His promises do not fail

Iíll receive just what Heís promised if I obey His truth

This I can rely on


889. Iím So Thankful For Calvary


Iím so thankful for Calvary

Where my Saviour gave His life for me

It should have been I who suffered and died

Upon that rugged tree

Iím so thankful for Calvary

Now from sin I have been set free

Iím so grateful, you see His blood cleansed me

Iím so thankful for Calvary  


890. I Love The Beauty Of Your House


YAHWEH-YASHA, I love the beauty of your house

And the place where your glory dwells

One thing I ask, one thing I seek

Is to dwell in your house all the days of my life

YAHWEH-YASHA, I love the beauty of your house

I enjoy your presence, your holiness and peace


891.  When You Need A Helping Hand


When you need a helping hand, I am near

Call upon My name for I will hear

Iíll be your strength, your stronghold

Your refuge in time of distress

Iíll rescue you, protect and keep you

Never fear, for I am near

Iíll come through for you just in time


892. Be Patient


Donít be impatient for Me to fulfill My Word

Just keep doing the things Iíve taught you

It wonít be long now until you see

My promises come to pass

Be patient, I tell you, be patient

Remember you are not alone in being tested

I refine My children in the fire

Persevere in your time of testing

Be patient, keep your faith, obey My Word

That is what I ask of you


893. I Thirst For You


As a deer yearns for a running stream, I thirst for you

I thirst for the Living God, my Saviour

YAHWEH-YASHA, my soul thirsts for you


894. Only I Can Satisfy Your Soul


Only I can satisfy your soul

Only I can make you whole

Only I can fill your heart with joy

Only I can set you free

Rest assured, Iím still leading thee


895. Come And Drink


Come and drink from My living water and be satisfied

Come and drink from My living water

And in My ways abide

Let your hearts be content with My manna

Let your souls be fed by My Word

Come and drink from My living water

I will satisfy your thirst


896. YAHWEH-YASHA Is Coming Again


YAHWEH-YASHA is coming again

Heís coming to take His children home

We do not know the day when weíll be caught away

YAHWEH-YASHA is coming very soon


We must be ready each and every day

We must stay awake and pray

Soon our Saviour will come and redeem us

And take us to our home on high


897. Continue To Work Hard


Continue to work hard to please Me

Right to the end keep doing the things Iíve taught you

Keep standing for My name; keep obeying My voice

Donít stop persevering

I know what My plans are for you

Donít let Me down by disobeying Me

Or walking your own way

The day of light is approaching

Darkness cannot overpower it

Walk in the light, My children

Continue to work hard to please Me


898. Are Your Hearts Right With Me?


Are your hearts right with Me?

Are your souls set free?

Are you living My Word as you should?

Keep your eyes on Me and Iíll continue to lead

Are your hearts right with Me?


899. Be Worthy Of The Work


Be worthy of the work Iíll finish in you

Work hard to be a vessel I can use

Be worthy of the work Iíll finish in you

Itís time to step up and allow My ways

To come through

Be worthy of the work Iíll finish in you

Work hard to be pleasing to Me


900. Through The Years


Through the years Iíve come to see

That Heís really been good to me

Through the years Iíve grown to love Him more and more

Through the years Heís been a friend

One on whom I can depend

YAHWEH-YASHA has kept me through the years


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