1001. Donít Be Dominated By Anything


Donít be dominated by anything, My children

Show Me that you can stay free

Donít be foolish and play into Satanís traps

You must be free to do My will

If you are how youíre supposed to be

You can hold your head up high

If not, sin is crouching at the door hungry to get you

Donít give in, resist, you can overcome

Then I will use you


1002. Lead Me To The Towering Rock


Lead me to the towering rock of safety

For you are a refuge to my soul

A fortress where my enemies cannot reach me

Safe forevermore


YAHWEH-YASHA, I cry to you for help

For sometimes I feel overwhelmed

Let me live forever in your presence

Safe beneath the shelter of your wings


1003. With My Whole Heart


With my whole heart I will praise your name

For He surrounds me with love and mercy

With my whole heart Iíll sing praises

To the King of kings



He forgives my sins and heals my diseases

He fills my life with good things

Our God is merciful, faithful and true

A loving Father who cares for His children


1004. There Is Wonderful Joy Ahead


There is wonderful joy ahead

There is wonderful joy ahead

Though trials may surround us for the moment

There is wonderful joy ahead


These trials are only to test our faith

To see if it is strong and pure

Our Saviour will help us our trials to endure

And weíll emerge stronger than before


1005. All Things Work Together


All things work together for good

To them that love the Lord

Who are called according to His purpose

Who do their best to put Him first

Though we may not understand His ways

He always knows what is best

All things work together for good

He is always watching out for our best


1006. Do You Want To Prosper?


Do you want to prosper, My children?

Do you want to be blessed in all your undertakings?

In everything, follow the way I mark out for you

Look to Me for wisdom to make the right choices

Do whatís right and be blessed, My children

Look to Me and obey what Iíve given you

Just donít do things your own way


1007. Heaven


Heaven, heaven, how I long to go to heaven

Some day soon the trumpet will sound

Weíll fly away to our new home

Heaven, I want to go there


He told us in His Word

Heís preparing us a home

Unlike anything weíve ever seen

Thereíll be streets of gold, gates of pearl

And a mansion for everyone

How I want to go to heaven and be with Him


1008. There Is A Great Future


There is a great future for those who overcome

There is a great future for those who give their all

If we live for the Saviour with all of our hearts

Our reward will be great some day

There is a great future for His children

We must follow His holy ways


1009. We Give You Thanks


We give you thanks, YAHWEH-YASHA

Because you are so near

Our hearts rejoice to know that every prayer you hear

To know you walk beside us

Gives us strength to carry on

YAHWEH-YASHA, we thank you

For your goodness to us all


1010. He Still Reigns


He still reigns from His throne in heaven

Heís still the Almighty God

Heís still in control of everything

He still reigns; He still reigns; He still reigns


Death on the rugged cross did not keep Him down

He arose with glory and power

YAHWEH-YASHA still reigns today

And Heíll reign forevermore


1011. Oh What A Friend


Oh what a friend I have in YAHWEH-YASHA

There is no other friend like He

He hears my every prayer

When I need Him, Heís always there

Oh what a friend YAHWEH-YASHA is to me


1012. More Like You


More like you, more like you

YAHWEH-YASHA, help me be more like you

Help me love, be patient, kind and good

Help me grow in you each day

More like you, more like you is what I pray


1013. Make YAHWEH-YASHA Your Joy


Make YAHWEH-YASHA your joy

And He will give you your heartís desires

Commit your destiny to Him

Be confident in Him and He will act

Praise Him; give thanks unto Him for He is good

Make YAHWEH-YASHA your joy

Put Him first in all you do


 1014. I Shall Never Forget


I shall never forget all the good things

YAHWEH-YASHA has done for me

I shall sing forth His praises

He is the King eternally


He forgives my sins and heals my sickness

He understands my every need

Oh, I shall never forget all the good things

YAHWEH-YASHA has done for me


1015. His Mighty Hand


When I look back and ponder my life

I know without a shadow of a doubt

His mighty hand has been upon me

Oh, Iím so thankful Heís watching over me


His mighty hand has healed my body

His mighty hand has kept me from falling

His mighty hand has given me the strength to carry on

His mighty hand will never fail me

His mighty hand is there to save me

How I thank you, YAHWEH-YASHA

For your mighty hand


1016. YAHWEH-YASHA, My Strength


YAHWEH-YASHA, my strength, my stronghold

My refuge in time of distress

I call upon you when Iím in need

YAHWEH-YASHA, Holy Saviour

How great thou art

Thank you for being there when I need you

Thank you for hearing my prayer

YAHWEH-YASHA, my Master and King

I love you and exalt your name


1017. Donít Be Afraid To Trust Me


Donít be afraid to trust Me

Iíll provide what you need to stand

My Word will stand the test of time

Donít be afraid to trust My Word

You canít please Me without trusting Me

Take a chance that I wonít fail you

Donít be afraid to trust Me

Just obey and walk My way


1018. Have I Ever Failed You?


Have I ever failed you? Have I ever let you down?

Have I left you comfortless through your trials?

I love you, My children, Iím watching over your lives

Iíll provide what you need to make it

Though storm clouds may billow

Though strong winds may blow

Iíll stand beside you and support you come what may

Do not stray away from My voice

Keep your hearts free from sin

I am with you and Iíll help you, My children


1019. I Have A Saviour


I have a Saviour who helps me every day

Who picks me up when I stumble

Who hears me when I pray

Oh, I have a Saviour who loves me so true

Oh, YAHWEH-YASHA, how I need you


1020. My God Will Restore Me


My God will restore, support and strengthen me

My God will restore, support and strengthen me

Though we suffer a little while

Heíll put our feet on a firm foundation

All power is His forevermore


1021. Revive Us, YAHWEH-YASHA


Revive us, YAHWEH-YASHA, with your Spirit so sweet

Revive us, YAHWEH-YASHA, itís your touch we need

Send your Spirit to give us strength, our souls to renew

Revive us, YAHWEH-YASHA, weíre seeking you


1022. Donít Attempt To Control Your Lives


Donít attempt to control your lives, My children

You must yield every aspect to Me

I have plans for the lives of everyone

If only they would not fight My ways

Your time on earth may not be as you wish it

Oh, how blessed you will be

Donít waste your energy on things of the world

Just give your all to Me


1023. He That Is Faithful In Little


He that is faithful in little is faithful in much

He that is trustworthy in little is trustworthy in much

Let us do our very best right where we are

Let us be faithful and true

Our Masterís eyes roam the earth

Searching for someone upright and pure

May we be pleasing in His sight

Oh, how blessed weíll be, thatís for sure


1024. May I Be Found A Faithful Servant


May I be found a faithful servant

May I be trustworthy and true

Nothing else matters in this life to me

Heaven awaits those who overcome to victory

Search me, teach me and show me the way

May I be pleasing to you today


1025. How Great You Are


YAHWEH-YASHA, how great you are

YAHWEH-YASHA, how great you are

You are so wonderful; you are so true

YAHWEH-YASHA, I praise and worship you


1026. There Is Peace In Doing His Will


There is peace in doing His will

There is peace in believing

That His Word He will fulfill

There is peace in relying on His strength

To see me through

There is peace in trusting

In His faithfulness and truth


1027. Continue On The Path


Continue on the path, My children

Follow Me every step of the way

My ways arenít always easy to understand

Trust Me, some day youíll see clearly

Have faith in Me; donít go by sight

Submit to My will

Continue on the path to victory


Every pain and hurt has a purpose

Submit to Me because I care

It wonít be long now till My plans come to pass

Hang in there and keep following Me

You must obey and take My words to heart

If you do, you wonít be sorry

For walking on this path


1028. Donít Become Complacent


Donít become complacent about spiritual things

For only whatís done for Me will last

Donít be sidetracked by chasing pleasures of life

In the end itís eternity that matters

Seek the peace and contentment that My Spirit can give

Focus your eyes on My Word

Build your faith up in Me, for soon I am coming

You must be ready to meet Me


1029. I Will Pass By


I will pass by, My children

Keep your eyes open and looking for Me

Iíll wash you, clothe you and put My glory upon thee

When I pass by, make sure thereís no sin in your hearts

Make sure you are growing in Me

Now is not the time to be complacent

Now is the time to obey and follow Me

Iím giving you this chance before I pass by

Examine yourselves and be how I want you to be


1030. I Will Rescue Those


I will rescue those who love Me

Iíll protect those who trust in My name

When you call on Me, I will answer

Iíll be with you in your trouble and pain

I will rescue those who honor Me

Iíll satisfy you with a peaceful life

Make Me your refuge; trust in My ways

And wholeheartedly give Me your praise


1031. How Good It Is To Sing Praises


How good it is to sing praises to our Saviour

How good it is to give glory to His name


How good it is to honor the King of kings



1032. Put Your Faith Into Action


Itís time to put your faith into action

Itís time to make your faith come alive

For itís your faith that gives you the strength and confidence

That things will work out just fine

Itís time to put your faith into action

Itís time to keep your faith in Me strong

Take My Word; take My promises and hold your heads high

For your faith will keep you peaceful and calm


1033. This Is My Path


This is My path; this is My church

You are My children, do not forget that

You have My promises to hold onto

Rejoice, for I wonít fail you


Iím the One who called you to walk this way

Iím the One who will lead you to victory someday

Trust Me and see what My mighty hand will do

Take cheer, for I am leading you


1034. For This Day I Pray


For this day I pray, YAHWEH-YASHA

Please give me the strength to stand

For this day I pray, YAHWEH-YASHA

Walk beside me and hold onto my hand

I know not what this day may bring

All I ask is that you help me come what may

For this day I pray, YAHWEH-YASHA

Please help me to follow your ways


1035. Whereís Your Faith In Me?


Whereís your faith?

Whereís your faith in Me, My children?

Whereís your faith in Me that I wonít let you down?

Whereís your faith that I watch over you?

Whereís your faith that I want whatís best for you?

My children, whereís your faith in Me?


1036. What A Happy Day That Will Be


Oh, what a happy, happy day that will be

When YAHWEH-YASHA comes again

Oh, what a happy, happy day that will be

When He says to His children, ďEnter inĒ

It will be worth all the suffering and pain

When in heaven weíll be with our King

Oh, what a happy, happy day that will be

When YAHWEH-YASHA we shall see


1037. Lord Of All


Lord of all; Lord of all

YAHWEH-YASHA, you are Lord of all

One day every knee shall bow and every tongue confess

You are Lord of all


1038. It Just Might Be Today


It just might be today that the door opens up

It just might be today that victory is here

It just might be today that Godís plans come to pass

It just might be today

That the trumpet sounds and weíll be caught away


One of these days will be different from the rest

When Godís promises come to pass

We must be ready each day

Stay awake, watch and pray

Because one day our God will perform His Word


1039. Bless YAHWEH-YASHA



Lift up your voice all ye people

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA, for He is the Almighty God

He is Lord of all

He is our helper, our shield and protector



1040. Donít Forget Who You Are


Donít forget who you are, My children

You belong to Me, the King of kings

Iíve called you out of darkness to live your life for Me

Surrendering your all will show that you have faith in Me


1041. Donít Let The Enemy Distract You


Donít let the enemy distract you

Put Me first in all you do

Focus your thoughts on pleasing Me

A distracted mind is no good for thee

Recognize the obstacles the enemy tries to put in your way

Say, ď Get behind me, Satan, victory is mine todayĒ


1042. Pray Until Something Happens


Pray until something happens

Push forward and you will receive

Trust Me, I know what I am doing

Even though you may not understand

Pray until something happens

You must never give up; the cost would be great

Keep following as I lead

Pray until something happens

I am leading you on a heavenly road

Things arenít always as you think they should be

But soon you will be home with Me


1043. I Will Restore You


I will restore you by the might of My own hand

Your burdens will be lifted

Your hearts will fill with joy

Take strength from all Iíve given

Be encouraged by My Word; I will restore you


My children, donít panic

Donít fear what lies ahead; I will restore you

Though your faith is being tested

And your strength is almost gone

Take heart, I will restore you


1044. He Paid A Ransom


He paid a ransom to save me from this world

He paid a ransom, though not silver or gold

He paid a ransom of His precious blood, you see

He paid a ransom for me


For you know our God paid a ransom

To save us from this empty life on earth

He paid for us with His precious blood

The sinless, spotless Lamb of God


1045. Itís Now


If thereís ever been a time to trust Me

Itís now, itís now

If thereís ever been a time to have faith in Me

Itís now, itís now

You must use your faith and trust in Me

To live for Me effectively

Itís now, My children, itís now


The time is swiftly coming when Iíll come back again

You need your strength, My children, to stand

So use your faith and trust in Me

To walk this path victoriously

Itís now, My children, itís now


1046. Let Me Be Lord


Let Me be Lord of your lives

Let Me help you through your troubles and trials

Put Me first in all you do

And My blessings will be upon you

Let Me be Lord of your lives


1047. Stand Firm


Stand firm, stay true and take a strong grip

On all YAHWEH-YASHAíS given us

Stand firm, stay true and take a strong grip

On all His promises

Our God is faithful to His people

His Word gives us strength and peace

Stand firm, stay true and take a strong grip

And YAHWEH-YASHA seek to please


1048. Letís Give Him Praise


Letís come into the house of YAHWEH-YASHA

Letís give Him the glory due His name

Letís worship and thank Him for all He has done

Letís give Him praise, praise, praise


1049. Your Promises


Your promises keep me through the night

Your promises encourage me to do whatís right

Your promises are like pure gold that never grows old

They fill my soul with delight

They keep me on the path of light

Your promises are sweet to my soul

Keeping your Word will get me to my goal


1050. Bless His Name


Bless His name; bless His name, YAHWEH-YASHA

Bless His name; bless His name, YAHWEH-YASHA

Mighty God, Prince of Peace, Lord of all

Bless His name, YAHWEH-YASHA


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