151. Man Shall Not Live



Man shall not live on bread alone

But by every word of God

Man was created to walk with God

A void placed within that only He can fill

The ways of a man are clean

In his own eyes

He does not recognize that he is blind

When man will hunger for truth

And righteousness

YAHWEH-YASHA shall sup with him


152. Cast All Your Cares On Me



Cast all your cares on Me

For I care for you

There is nothing in this life

That I wonít see you through

When you give all your troubles

And cares to Me

And completely submit to My will

In your life will be peace

Youíll find joy and relief

When you learn to lean on Me

So cast all your cares on Me

For I care for you

There is nothing in this life

That I wonít see you through


153. Walking Down The Streets Of Gold


Walking down the streets of gold

Oh of all the joys untold

How glorious it will be

Walking hand in hand, my Saviour and me

Thatís how He promised it would be

If I obey Him now faithfully

Forever with Him I shall be

Walking hand in hand, my Saviour and me

Trials shall not cause me to stumble

Tribulations shall not cause me to stray

For I await the final word

ďYouíll be with Me in paradise todayĒ


154. Herein Is Truth


Herein is truth

Through the wilderness Iíve walked with you

And Iíve cared for you all along the way

Herein is truth

Iíve seen your suffering

I also see great victory some day

Let the truth that Iíve given

Direct your every step

Grasp onto truth and never let go

Herein is truth

Be encouraged, I am coming soon

Stay pure, undefiled from this life

Herein is truth

Heavenís splendors are awaiting you

Youíre My beloved and youíll be My bride


155. Make Me A Fierce Warrior



Make me a fierce warrior for you

Standing firm in the power of your might

Help me battle against tradition

Trampling false doctrine underfoot

Boldly using your sword to strike sin

That has a hold on man

Your mighty shield protects me

From enemiesí sharp arrows

When the battleís over

Iíll shout from the mountaintop

YAHWEH-YASHA is victor!

My power and my strength

Rejoice and obey Him

He has brought salvation from sin


156. You Created Me To Love You


You created me to love you

To give glory to your great name

You are molding me and shaping me

By your Word and amazing grace

I want your thoughts to become my thoughts

Your ways to become my ways

Let my heartís one desire be

To fear and glorify your holy name


Iím so thankful, YAHWEH-YASHA

That you left your home above

To become my sacrifice

Oh, what a marvelous act of love

Let me know the path that I must choose

To become what I should be

I depend on you so very much

Youíre everything that my soul needs


157. Your Songs Are A Glimpse



Your songs are a glimpse into the future

YAHWEH-YASHA, your Word is true

All thatís been promised will come to pass

YAHWEH-YASHA, our faith is in you

Now we see into a glass so dimly

And know in part the truth

One glorious day we shall fully know

The worked youíve planned for us to do

Thank you, Father, for the vision

Your mighty Word reveals to us

In prayer and fasting we will seek you

Your faithfulness means so much


158. You Are My Light And My Salvation



You are my light and my salvation

Whom shall I dread? Whom shall I fear?

You are my hope and inspiration

Yours is the only voice I must hear

Your Word directs and leads me onward

I have a goal, I want to go

To the home that youíve prepared for me

Oh, how I love you so!

YAHWEH-YASHA, your name is so powerful!

One day the world will acknowledge it too

You are the one and only Saviour

All praise forever belongs to you


159. Lay Our Hearts Bare



Lay our hearts bare now, YAHWEH-YASHA

Not in the time of judgment

We come now in fear and trembling

We want to do right in our walk with you

We will take our scorn from man

Return it with love and compassion

Do not refuse us your direction

We need your love and correction

We will gladly suffer in this life

Please keep us from sin and from strife

Thank you for your faithful love

We look for the joy of heaven


160. Sing A New Song



Sing a new song to YAHWEH-YASHA

Come into His presence with songs of joy

Sing to YAHWEH all His people

Proclaim His salvation today

In His presence is splendor and majesty

In His court is beauty and power

So give YAHWEH-YASHA glory due His name

Acclaim the presence of the King


161. How I Thank You, YAHWEH-YASHA



How I thank you, YAHWEH-YASHA

For giving as you do

Such precious truth to hearts

That only want to please you

You alone work wonders in the earth

And heaven, too

But you take the time to care

For those who reverence you


When I look across the wide expanse

Of earth youíve made

I realize your mighty hand

Put everything in place

The heavens though so far above

Declare your glories clear

And yet you care enough for me

To share your name most dear


Youíre the Mighty God, the Great I Am

The holy King of kings

The Alpha and Omega

The Master of all things

And though Creator, yet you gave your life

For even me

For all youíve done Iíll praise you now

And through eternity


162. Thank You, Father



Thank you, Father, for not letting me walk my way

To walk by faith is so pleasing to you

I want to praise you now

Before the victory comes

Obeying you is what I desire to do


Sing out, Oh Church, of His greatness

And faithfulness

Sing of His great mercy

And His loving kindness

Glorify and exalt Him

Unto the highest heaven



163. Sheltered In Your Arms


Sheltered in your arms, safe from all harm

YAHWEH-YASHA, please lead us on

If we seek your face every day of this race

Weíll stay sheltered in your strong

And loving arms

You are our strength and shield

You keep us from all danger

We trust in you and you help us on the way

When storm clouds fill the sky

Protect us like a shepherd

We shall cling to you

Taking refuge in the shelter of your arms

Sheltered in your arms, we fear no alarm

YAHWEH-YASHA, please lead us on

If we give our all and on your name we call

Weíll stay sheltered in your strong

And loving arms


164. My Children, I Love You


My children, I love you

Iíve given My life for you

And Iíll give you the power to be holy

Do not disappoint Me

Because I am your Saviour

And Iíll keep you by the strength

Of My own hand

Beware of thinking to yourselves

ďMy own strength and the might

Of my own hand have given me the power

To act like thisĒ

Remember, Iím the One who sustains you

And allows you to call upon My name


165. My Richest Joy


YAHWEH-YASHA, youíre my heartís richest joy

Nothing in this world can compare

For your faithful love is before my eyes

I want to live my life by your truth

I am so blessed, my sins are forgiven

Youíve given me eternal life in heaven

YAHWEH-YASHA, all who hope in you

Are so very blessed

Your promises are true


YAHWEH-YASHA, I need you to lead me

Guide, encourage and correct me

You are my strength and my provider

I can only live the life by your power

You softly speak to your little children

By your tender voice and sweet anointing

Your very presence makes my heart glad

I give you thanks

From the depths of my soul


166. There Is Nothing Like The Blood



There is nothing like the blood

Nothing like the blood

Nothing like the blood of YAHWEH-YASHA

Stay under the blood

Under His blood today


The blood at Calvary

Was shed for you and for me

He bore our sin in His body

That we should live righteously


He suffered on the cross

So that we would not be lost, ascended into glory

To serve as our heavenly High Priest


167. Lead Me On



Lead me on, lead me on to higher ground

Where more of your truth can be found

Iíve come this far

Iím not turning back now

So lead me on, lead me on to higher ground


Youíve given me such precious truth

Iím holding fast while others rebuke

The only thing that matters is you

So lead me on, lead me on to higher ground


YAHWEH-YASHA, I want to follow you near

In my heart I hold all youíve given so dear

I know thereís so much more you have to give

So lead me on, lead me on to higher ground


168. Weíre Looking For YAHWEH-YASHA



Weíre looking for YAHWEH-YASHA to come

To split the eastern skies and say, ďWell doneĒ

Weíre waiting anxiously to hear

The trumpet sound out loud and clear

Weíre looking for YAHWEH-YASHA to come


About the date and time, we do not know

When He will call His children to come home

So stay awake, watch and pray

His coming just might be today

Yes, weíre looking for YAHWEH-YASHA to come


Continue in the truth, My little ones

For very soon the Son of Man will come

Stay loyal to My every way

And ďEnter inĒ you will hear Me say

Keep looking for My coming every day


169. Happiness Is YAHWEH-YASHA


Happiness is YAHWEH-YASHA

In hearing His voice

Making His will my first choice

Joy comes when I obey

Please donít let me stray

From your Word and loving way

Let me be ready every day

For your coming is not far away


Happiness is YAHWEH-YASHA

Thy Word is my delight

Help me hold fast to what youíve given

To be sincere and pure of heart

Let my soul sing out sweet praises

My sinful heartís been changed

Iíll rejoice for such a new birth

Giving new life while on this earth


170. Such Love


Such love was shown at Calvary

Where you freely gave your life for me

You bore it all so willingly

And suffered so, such love!


You uttered not a defensive word

When before Pilate you stood

He found no fault and washed his hands

But the people said, ďHis blood be on our handsĒ

And they crucified the One

Who loved them so


You walked on down a lonely road

To the cross with such a heavy load

Some people mocked and others cried

Yet on you went to be crucified

But you rose again in a body glorified


Let me remember every day

Just what youíve done and the price youíve paid

The path you chose wasnít one of ease

But you endured it all

Mankind to redeem

Such precious love was shown at Calvary


171. We Know Our Redeemer Lives



Yes, we know that our Redeemer lives

And that some day He shall stand on the earth

For a thousand years, at the end of ďGraceĒ

We shall behold Him face to face

Your kingdom shall come, it shall not be long

Our faith is strong, your Word is true

Forever weíll be with you

Heaven and earth shall pass away

Yet your love shall never end

Youíve prepared us a place, YAHWEH-YASHA

A home where only righteousness will dwell


172. I Shall Proclaim YAHWEH-YASHAíS Name



Heís a trustworthy God who does no wrong

Heís the honest and the upright One

He became our Saviour

This marvelous, holy God, YAHWEH-YASHA


I shall proclaim YAHWEH-YASHAíS name

Oh, tell the greatness of our God

He is the Rock, His way is blameless


YAHWEH-YASHA makes His home

In the praises of His people

All who hope in Him

Be brave and take heart


173. I Will See You Through



I will see you through

This path Iíve called you on

Through, until the very end

Through, be determined to press on

For I will see you through


The work that Iíve started

In every one of you

I will finish if youíll allow Me to

Let nothing keep you

From heavenís glories true

For I will see you through


174. Iím Bound By Vows



Iím bound by vows that I have made

May I not forget the words Iíve said

When I told you Iíd walk your way

I owe you such a debt of thanks

For youíve saved my life

From the sinful ways of this world

I must obey!

I reaffirm to you Iíll do my best

To keep my heart prepared

And filled with holiness

My promise is that Iíll keep your ways

And in your presence humbly stay

Iím bound by vows that I have made

Itís my desire to serve you

And never go astray


175. Many Are Called



Many are called, but few are chosen

Many have entered the race

Many shall start, many shall fall

Make sure you finish your call


Behold the sower of the seed

Sows wherever He goes

Some seed fell by the wayside

It just seems to never grow


Some seed fell on stony ground

Where not much earth can be found

They appear to endure for a little while

But give up during testing and trial


Some seed fell on thorny ground

Where thistles and brambles take root

Worrying about the things of this life

Thereís no fruit, there is only strife


Then thereís the seed on fertile ground

Bringing forth precious fruit

Making YAHWEH-YASHA happy

With some hundred, some thirty fold


176. I Delight Myself In Your Ways



I delight myself in your ways, YAHWEH-YASHA

I pray that I keep my gaze fixed on your

Ways and never be ashamed

Your instructions are my heritage

The joy of my heart

I devote myself to obeying you and from

Your Word to not depart


177. This Path Leads To Glory



This path leads to glory

This path leads to praise

Sometimes the road is rough

But it just makes my faith tough

I love this path weíre called on

I see the glory ahead

Though trials beset without number

Heís watching the steps I tread

Iím trusting and obeying

I believe every word He says

Oh, this path leads to glory

This path leads to praise


178. There Is Only One



There is only One who can dry my tears

There is only One who can calm my fears

Heís YAHWEH-YASHA, every prayer He hears

There is only One; there is only One

He gives me comfort when there is suffering

He revives my soul and makes my heart sing

Heís YAHWEH-YASHA, our eternal King

There is only One; there is only One


In time of need He says, ďCome unto MeĒ

He gives encouragement and sweet victory

YAHWEH-YASHA really cares with such love

And He reaches down from His home above


179. Stay Refreshed


Stay refreshed, stay revived

Keep your faith alive

Soon this time of testing will be over

Love this path youíre on

For it wonít be long

And youíll walk down

Streets of brilliant gold

With a thankful heart rejoice in Me

For soon My face youíll see

Stay refreshed, stay revived

In My truth abide

Very soon youíll be My precious bride


180. Why Donít You Lean On Me?



When in this desert land

Reach out and take My hand

Why donít you lean on Me?

When you are in distress

Just look to Me for rest

Why donít you lean on Me?

Why donít you lean on Me

When the way seems long?

I will never fail you, just keep holding on

Lean on Me, My strength will set you free

So lift up your spirit and believe

When thereís strife all around

And no peace can be found

Why donít you lean on Me?

Why donít you lean on Me?





Heís done so much for me

Because He went to Calvary

Now from sin I am free

I want to love and serve Him

Let Him guide my path

I donít want to fail my Lord

This wonderful friend of mine



He shed His blood for me

He gave His life that I might live

Now and for eternity

Heís the Way, the Truth, the Life

He came for every man

What rewards for those who trust

This wonderful friend of mine


182. Doing Your Will



Doing your will, YAHWEH-YASHA

Is what I desire to do

You always know what's right for me

Let your will, not mine be done


The things of this world may cloud my sight

There are choices I must make

Show me what I should do

For your will, not mine be done


The path to gloryís not easy

Satan would love me to fall

I strive to do my best each day

I pray your will, not mine be done


183. Give To Me Your All


Give to Me all your heartaches

Give to Me all your praise

Give to Me every doubt and fear

And let Me guide your ways

Give to Me all your sorrows

Give to Me all your love

And follow Me to your home above


My constancy and love have been with you

In My name your strength will be triumphant

For Iíve raised you up on firm foundation

Feeding you with truth

Now just give to Me your all until I come


Iíve given you My friendship, My children

Through My name you can overcome

Let nothing overwhelm you

Iíll give you strength of heart

Now just give to Me your all until I come


All power in earth and heaven belong to Me

You are in the palm of My hand

Keep your faith firmly in Me

Iíll gently lead you on

Now just give to Me your all until I come


184. Youíre All Created Equal



Youíre all created equal, all who live on earth

I will judge you all the same

By heart and not by worth

Pride is the beginning to falling out of favor

Stay loyal, meek and humble

My love you will savor

Man is My creation, I molded you from dust

I warned you to stay near the ground

To love Me, itís a must!

Donít you know, canít you see?

Itís not you, it is Me

Be loving to each other and set your pride free


185. Never Be Afraid


Never be afraid for I am always near

Realize Iíll never leave you

And let your heart take cheer

For My part, I shall redeem you

Iím preparing you a home

Remain pilgrims in this desert land

And from truth you must not roam

Never be afraid, My children, I love you

Treasure what I say, for I watch over you


186. There Is No Need To Fear



There is no need to fear, YAHWEH-YASHA is near

Let us praise His holy name

His faithful love will win Him fame

Let us praise the King of kings

Lift His name up above all

There is no need to fear when on His name we call


Now when the waves of life want to swamp my boat

YAHWEH-YASHA keeps me afloat

I hear His gentle voice say, ďKeep your eyes on Me

And everything will be all rightĒ


ďIf youíll do what is right, thereís no need to take fright

All I ask of you is do your best and try

Then you can overcome and hold your head up highĒ

There is no need to fear, YAHWEH-YASHA is near


187. You Are So Near


YAHWEH-YASHA, you are so near

Being in your presence, there is nothing so dear

I love to dwell with you; there is nothing you cannot do

How blessed we are to walk this way

To keep our eyes upon you every day


188. Your Grace Is Sufficient


Your grace is sufficient for me, if Iíll depend on you

Your strength will carry me through, if I will remain in you

Because youíre always near, your path is clear

Your grace is sufficient for me, if Iíll keep my eyes on Thee


189. Just To Know



Just to know you love me so

Just to know how much you care

Just to know your lovely name

Gives me strength of heart and joy to carry on


Just to know YAHWEH-YASHA

Just to know the price youíve paid

Just to know Iíve been redeemed

Makes me want to shout and give glory to your name


Just to know youíre my ďYASHAĒ

Just to know, YAHWEHíS the name

Just to know Iíve been ransomed

Makes my soul sing out, Hallelujah every day


Just to know you go before me

Just to know you are the way

Just to know you have called me to walk on this path

You know whatís best for me


Just to know I can trust you

Just to know, promises you keep

Just to know you are my refuge

You have given my soul a place of blessed retreat


190. You Have All That  I Need To Make It


You have all that I need to keep walking this path

All that I need to make it

You have strength, encouragement, faithful love too

You have all that I need to make it


There are times in this life when my eyes

Turn away and look to the left or the right

But that doesnít profit me, I must look to you

For you have all that I need to make it


There is one who would try to discourage my path

And throw fiery darts in my way

But that doesnít bother me, your armorís my shield

For you have all that I need to make it


191. Take What Iíve Given You And Prepare


Take what Iíve given you and prepare

The time is short, redemptionís in the air

I have given to you freely

Truth and wisdom from on high

So take what Iíve given you and prepare


Have I not been close to you?

Have I not spoken truth to you?

Have I not been a helping hand

To keep you from a fall?

Have I not met your every need?

Have I not told you how to be?

Now take what Iíve given you and prepare


192. If You Put Me First


If you put Me first then Iíll be your helpmate

Iíll go with you whereíre you go

If you put Me first, Iíll stand and defend you

My eyes will watch over your souls

If you put Me first then you shall partake

Of the glories that I have prepared

If you put Me first then I wonít desert you

Now and forevermore


193. Abide In Me


Listen as I say, youíll be with Me some day

Sharing the pleasures that eternity holds

As the time draws near, you must listen and hear

And be doers of the words youíve received


Now abide in Me, make your home in My ways

Let My manna be your strength

All the rest of your days

Abide in Me, call on My name and receive

Encouragement to walk in My truth

Abide in Me


194. Be Determined


Your path is on a course that I am leading

It is true, you must completely lean on Me

You must seek Me with all your hearts, My children

Itís up to you where you will spend eternity


Be determined; press on with all your might

Be determined; make up your minds to fight

Be determined; let your faith keep you true

Be determined; Iíll be with you in all you do


195. Enough Faith


I want enough faith to keep me on this pathway

Enough faith to know Heíll meet my needs

Enough faith to apply His precious Holy Word

And chase away all doubt and unbelief


I want enough faith to climb every mountain

Enough faith to keep me sanctified

Enough faith to keep my garment spotless

That I may be in His precious holy bride


I want enough faith to always please my Master

Enough faith to gain the victorís crown

Enough faith to know that it was faith enough

That brought me to my heavenly Fatherís home


196. Be Joyful In Hope


Be joyful in hope

There is no need to mope

My promises can be trusted

You can let yourselves go

You keep your end

You can guarantee Iíll keep Mine

Be joyful in hope

And experience My love divine


197. Faith


Faith can take away the meagerness of life and make it full

Faith diminishes the heartaches and drives away the world

Faith will keep my eyes on heaven

And the joys that wait ahead

Heavenly Father, help me use my faith to victoriously tread


198. I Shall Have Faith


I shall have faith and not be afraid

For YAHWEH-YASHA is my strength and my song

Joyfully youíll draw water of salvation

Cry and shout for joy

You who live in Zion

On that day you will say, praise YAHWEH-YASHA!

For the Holy One of Israel is among you


199. Come Let Us Shout For Joy


Come let us shout for joy and praise His holy name

Praise flows freely from a heart that trusts His ways

Acclaim the rock of our salvation

Worship without reservation

Come let us praise our God, YAHWEH-YASHA


In His power are the depths of the earth

How deep His thoughts, how great are His works

It is good to give Him thanks

And make music for His name

In all the world there is no one the same


200. Keep On Knocking


Keep on knocking at the door

And He will see you through

Keep on knocking at the door

Be persistent at what you do

Keep on knocking at the door

And He will give you more


You canít make it open any sooner

For there is but one key

It will open is His time

Now follow and youíll see

Donít grow tired of your knocking

You must knock both day and night

If you plan to enter in

You must not give up the fight


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