651. I Still Believe


I still believe youíre coming through

I still believe youíre going to perform your Word

If Iíll listen to your voice, follow and obey

I can rejoice in you today

Your coming is soon; my heart must be in tune

I must keep trusting and praying this very day

The question remains

Will I have faith when you pass by this way?


652. He Is Our Saviour


He is our Saviour; He is our Saviour

Hail His birth; praise His name; glorify Him

He is our Saviour; He is our Saviour

Magnify His name, YAHWEH-YASHA


653. Believe My Word


Believe My Word, My children, it will surely come to pass

Trust My promises; I do not lie or deceive

Believe in your hearts that I will come through

That I will perform My Word

Dwell on it; confess it with your mouths

Ponder it in your hearts

Donít be fazed by sight; keep your eyes on Me


654. Hold Firmly To What You Have


Hold firmly to what you have, My children

Let no one take away your crown

Donít forget what I have taught you

I will hold you responsible


Iíll provide your covering, My children

So you can stand blameless before Me

But you must listen to My voice

Act on My Word; remain faithful to the end

And youíll get your chance to rejoice


655. Reject The Horrors That Attract You


Reject the horrors that attract you, My children

So I can do what I have promised you

Those who honor Me, I honor in My turn

Those who despise Me

I will make an object of contempt

Reject the evils of this world, My children

I am coming for a bride unsoiled and true


The world all around you is given over

To the lust of the flesh

The lust of the eyes and the pride of life

Die to the world, My children

Holiness is a must

The enemy will try and deceive you

Donít listen to him, I tell you the truth


656. I Wouldnít Trade My Walk


I wouldnít trade my walk with you for anything

To have you near, to have you leading us is wonderful

May I continue to be pleasing unto you

Please make it clear the way I should walk

Thereís still time right now

To be how you want me to be

A vessel filled with faith that is holy


657. Your Time Will Come


Your time will come, My children

If you remain patient and persevere

Guard your hearts and keep your faith

I have shown you the way

Your time will come, My children

Today could be the day


Donít let anything cause you to lose your faith

Donít stray from My promises true

The enemy canít harm those in My shadow

Be sure to stay close to Me

Just keep your eyes on Me

And your minds on My Word

Iíll perform the promises youíve heard

Donít lose sight of the victory ahead

Because soon your time will come


658. Iím Not All I Can Be


YAHWEH-YASHA, Iím not all I can be

But Iím thankful Iím not as I used to be

May I continue to grow in you

Forgetting all that lies behind me

I press forward to what lies ahead

I strive with your power working in me

To be what youíve called me to be

May your Word produce the desired fruit

You want from me


659. Do Not Put Me To The Test


Do not put Me to the test; do not try My patience

Iím only tolerant so long

Itís not My will that you come up short

I mean it when I say do not be bound by anything

Those who overcome will inherit all things

I help those who truly want help

So repent, seek Me to be free

Change your actions; leave your old ways behind

Satan wants you bound, but I demand that you be free


660. Just Follow Me As I Lead


Just follow Me as I lead; just follow Me as I lead

Just follow Me as I lead

To your heavenly home


Donít look behind you as Lotís wife did

And perished by disobeying Me

Rest assured, My church, I look after you

Just follow Me as I lead


661. Donít Let Anything Shake Your Faith


Donít let anything shake your faith, My children

Donít be troubled by the way things appear

Trust Me, I know what I am doing

Remember, Iím not finished working on you yet

Surrender to Me your will

Die to yourselves and youíll be free

Let Me have My way with each of you

Your time will come


Abrahamís faith was not shaken

Even though he waited so long and was very old

It didnít shake his faith that Sarah

Was well past the age of giving birth

Trusting in My promises, he did not doubt or disbelieve

Do the same, My children, just trust Me and believe


662. It Will Be Worth It All


It will be worth it all in heaven

It will be worth it all someday

Though on earth we bear our share of suffering and pain

It will be worth it all someday


Though friends and family do not understand us

And the way we walk is different from the rest

We strive to please YAHWEH-YASHA

Who keeps us day by day

It will be worth it all someday


663. Donít Look Anywhere Else


My children, donít look anywhere else

But to Me for security

If you do, you will be disappointed

True security can only be found in Me

You donít have to be afraid

I will not leave you alone

I protect those who love Me

I watch over those who fear My ways

I provide for those who put Me first and help others

Be concerned for My house and the unfortunate

And Iíll take good care of you


664. Let Us Keep Our Eyes Fixed


Let us keep our eyes fixed on YAHWEH-YASHA


Let us keep our eyes fixed on YAHWEH-YASHA

Who leads us in our faith


For the sake of the joy which lay ahead

He suffered and endured the cross

He persevered and did not lose heart

What a marvelous example for us


665. I Will Hold You Responsible


I will hold you responsible, My children

For what Iíve given to you

And what youíve spoken to Me

The day is coming when your work will be examined

Make it a pleasurable experience

The choice is yours


Make sure your actions are the same as your words

Make sure My commands are being kept

Iíll forgive those who are sorry

If they will keep My Word, stay on My path

And stay true to what theyíve said to Me

Otherwise, out of your own mouth I will condemn you

But it doesnít have to be that way

The choice is yours, My children

The choice is yours to make


666. Iíve Put My Word


Iíve put My Word in your mouth

Iíve put My Word in your mouth

Iíve put My Word in your mouth

That you may not sin against Me


Take all My words to heart, My church

Observe and hold them dear

You must not think of them as empty words

They are life and will keep you near


667. We Have A Taste


We have a taste for your Word, YAHWEH-YASHA

We donít want to lose that taste

We hunger to know you better; your ways truly satisfy

To stay close to you is our desire

Please lead us day by day

We have a taste for your Word, YAHWEH-YASHA

Your Word shows us the way


668. Where Is The Praise?


Where is the praise? Where is the worship of My people?

Where is the trust? Where is the faith so pleasing to Me?

Now is your chance to please Me

So use it, donít waste it away


Those who trust Me will praise Me

Those with faith will thank Me right now

You must untie your hearts and let praise flow out

To make faith you use faith, donít hide it away

Unless you use faith it withers away


669. Enjoy Your Time In The Wilderness


Enjoy your time in the wilderness, My children

For soon it will be over

Persevere and obey, I wonít lead you astray

Trust in My power and My might

Enjoy your time in the wilderness, My children

Love Me with all your hearts and souls

Follow the way Iím leading thee and victory you will see

Never fear, I am in control


670. Worship Me


Worship Me, My children, worship Me

Put all your trust in Me; follow Me with all your hearts

Iíve given you My Word to feed you, humble you, to test you

But itís all to make your future the happier

I know right where youíre at


If youíll just trust Me, everything will work out just fine

You must keep your eyes on Me; you must take My Word

Itís what Iíve given you to cherish, devour, to taste and see

My Word will not fail you; My Word is eternal

I donít let children down who trust Me

No matter who they are or where theyíre at

My children can count on Me

You must seek Me in sincerity; you must be hungry for truth

I give truth to those who hunger for it

Donít be satisfied with anything less than all I have for you

Seek Me, I wonít let you down

Knock and the door will answer for you

Just reach out to Me, My children, reach out to Me

Worship Me with all of your hearts


671. Let My Word Prove You True


Let My Word prove you true, My children

Donít sell out for anything

I watch from My throne in heaven

I rescue those who stay true to Me

Even though things seem bleak

To receive a miracle

You must believe for a miracle

Stay true to My name; love My every Word

My promises to you will come to pass

Let My Word prove you true


672. We Shall Never Be Disgraced


We shall never be disgraced

For having faith in YAHWEH-YASHA

We shall never be put to shame for trusting Him

For His Word is the only security His children have

Heaven and earth shall pass away

But His Word shall stand


673. Why Is My Word Not Enough?


Why is My Word not enough to excite your souls?

Is it because you really donít believe Me?

I will perform My Word in My good time

Iíve given you My promises, My children

What you do with them is up to you

Believe them and rejoice; love Me with all your hearts

For what I say is true


674. Living For You Excites My Soul


Living for you excites my soul

Serving you thrills my heart

May I have a song within

Praising you for delivering from sin

May I stay enthused until the very end

Thankful for how blessed I really am


675. This Is What The Love Of God Is


This is what the love of God is

Keeping His commandments

Nor are His commandments burdensome

Because every child of God overcomes the world

And this is the victory

That has overcome the world Ė our faith

In this way we know we love Godís children

When we love God and keep His commandments


676. Donít Have Sin In Your Heart


My children, donít have sin in your heart

Repent for everything you do wrong

If you want to please Me, donít have sin in your heart

My children, I know everything you do

So donít do all the things of this world

Because the world is wicked

So donít be of the world


There will be no time to make things right, My children

So have your heart  pure and free from sin

I died for you that you might be free

And serve Me in righteousness

Be ready, My children, I tell you the truth

There will be no time to make things right


677. Iím Undeserving


Iím undeserving of such precious love

That took you to Calvary

Iím undeserving of the blood you shed for me

Iím undeserving that you suffered and died

To save someone like me

YAHWEH-YASHA, Iím undeserving

Of all youíve done for me


678. He Will Lead Us On


He will lead us on with His mighty hand

With His mighty hand and outstretched arm

YAHWEH-YASHA is the Mighty God

Who leads us with His mighty hand


Though troubles beset us and we know not what to do

YAHWEH-YASHA will see us through

His mighty hand leads us in this race

And soon we shall see Him face to face


679. Turn It Over To Me


Turn it over to Me, turn it over to Me

Turn over your trials, your heartaches

And your problems to Me

Turn it over to Me, turn it over to Me

With Me thereís no degree of difficulty


I am the Mighty God and I look after you

Bring your burdens unto Me

Leave them there and youíll be free

I wonít fail you; I will keep you

And Iíll help you every day

Just turn lifeís situations over to Me


680. I Have Not Walked Alone


I have not walked alone since I met my Saviour

I have not walked alone since I met YAHWEH-YASHA

He has carried me; He has carried me every step of the way

I start to fall and He lifts me closer to Him

What a Saviour! What a King! What a Counselor!

I have not walked alone

He has carried me through it all

He has carried me through it all, my Saviour


681. When All Is Said And Done


When all is said and done and everything has come to pass

You alone, YAHWEH-YASHA, will stand unmoved

You are a rock that is unshakeable

The earth and all who are on it will be shaken

But those who trust in you will stand strong

Truly faithfulness is the essence of your Word


682. Donít Be Deceived


Donít be deceived, My children

In this wicked day in which you live

I am the same today as I have always been

Count on it, itís the truth

I will judge the church today

The same as I judged the churches in My Word

Listen to My warnings and see what I desire

Donít put Me to the test; donít deceive yourselves

Behold, I stand at the door and knock

If anyone will hear My voice and open the door

I will come and sup with him and he with Me


683. You Must Go Forward


You must go forward to reach

The reward which awaits you

I tell you, without effort you canít press on

I am here for you to follow

If you donít go forward youíll fall behind

And be prey to the enemyís fierce attack


Go forward in your walk with Me

That is the direction you must go

You must not stagnate or go backward

If you arenít going forward

You simply wonít keep up


684. Heís Coming Back


Heís coming back to take His children home

Heís coming back to meet His children in the clouds

Everything will be new

Just like the flowers that bloom in the spring

Just like the trees with their new leaves

Everything will be brand new


685. Tell The Truth


Tell the truth, My children

Nothing can remain hidden forever

I hate all lying and deceit

Tell the truth to one another

Liars will be punished, My children

Donít lie because youíre afraid

Fear the One who has the power to cast into hell

Repent and speak the truth

The truth will set you free


686. He Is The Only Way


He is the only Way; He is the Truth, the Life

YAHWEH-YASHA is leading us day by day

He is the only Way; His Word we must obey

YAHWEH-YASHA is the only Way


There are two ways that man may choose in this life

The road that leads to death is very wide

The road that leads to heaven

Is narrow only few will find

But YAHWEH-YASHA will help us

If we submit to His great Word


687. Nothing Can Take The Place


Nothing can take the place of my Saviour

To me He is irreplaceable

I want to see Him face to face; I wait for Him to come

Nothing can take the place of my Saviour

I love and need Him today

Nothing can take His place in my heart

I pray Iíll always feel this way


688. My Promises Are Yours


My promises are yours, My children

Itís your inheritance for you to keep

The time is surely coming when I will perform My Word

Count on it for I am trustworthy

The promises are yours, claim them and do not doubt

The time is fixed for you to receive your inheritance

If you will follow and obey and sturdily keep My ways

You can rejoice in what is yours

Just donít slack off or fall away

Or youíll forfeit your inheritance


689. Serve Me With An Undivided Heart


Serve Me with an undivided heart and a willing mind

For I examine all hearts and see what plans they devise

If you seek Me, I will let you find Me

If you forsake Me, I will cast you off

Serve Me with an undivided heart and a willing mind

Work hard to please Me and peace you will find


690. Be On Your Guard


Be on your guard, My children, stay under control and alert

The enemy will try to get you to forfeit your inheritance

By disobeying Me or falling away

Donít listen to him or do what he says

He lies, deceives and tries to trap you

My promises are yours

Donít let Satan rob you of your reward

Stay close to Me and turn your back

On all thatís displeasing to Me

One day this life will be just a passing memory


691. YAHWEH-YASHA Wonít Lead Us Astray


YAHWEH-YASHA wonít lead us astray

He wonít lead us astray

Heís the Almighty God and He knows the way

YAHWEH-YASHA wonít lead us astray


692. To Please You Is My Goal


I love you, YAHWEH-YASHA

To please you is my goal

To know youíre happy with me will bring great joy

And a smile to my face

Itís of all importance to you how I finish this race

If I carry out your orders, listen to your voice

When I see you face to face, Iíll get to rejoice


693. YAHWEH-YASHA Is Close Enough


YAHWEH-YASHA is close enough

To hear our every prayer

He is so close to us, we need not fear

YAHWEH-YASHA is close enough

To hear us when we cry

YAHWEH-YASHA is close enough

To lead us and to guide

YAHWEH-YASHA is close enough

To supply all our needs

And He will remain close to us

If weíll just stay close to Him


694. Iím Willing To Please My Saviour


Iím willing to please my Saviour

Iím willing to walk His way

I just want to do everything His way

He is mighty and wonderful and I just love Him


695. Hold Up Your Staff


Hold up your staff, My children

Iíll support you every step of the way

My Word that youíve received is your staff

Hold up your staff and march on in My name

The enemy canít touch you

As long as long you hold up your staff

Stay enthused, keep believing

Keep praising Me for what Iím going to do

Donít let go of your staff

Or the enemy will triumph over you


696. YAHWEH-YASHA Is Everything



He helps us when we need Him

YAHWEH-YASHA provides us

To have the things we need

Without Him how could we get along?

YAHWEH-YASHA is everywhere

And He heals us when weíre sick

He will never let us down

YAHWEH-YASHA is everything


697. Lift Him Up Higher


Lift Him up higher, higher than any other

He is to be praised

Praise Him with all your hearts

He will not lead us astray

Lift Him up higher, higher than any other

Stay close to Him and He will guide

Lift Him up higher


698. Be A People Filled With Light


I give you chance after chance, My children

To do things My way

I love you, My children, Iím patient, Iím kind

But My Spirit will not always strive

You must reach out to Me while I can be found

You must do things the way I want you to do them

You must cast away everything thatís displeasing to Me

You must come out from among this world

Be holy, filled with faith

Be how I called you to be


Be a people that are filled with light; My Word is light

If youíll sink your roots into Me, Iíll shine through you

But you have to surrender your will

You have to deny yourselves

You have to take up your cross

You have to follow Me

If you do, My light will shine through you

Youíll experience My joy

My ways satisfy

What can the world offer but heartache?

Turn your back on the world; turn your back on darkness

Cling to the light, I am the light

My Word is true; follow Me and hunger after Me


699. What Do You See?


What do you see through your eyes of faith?

Do you see victory?

Do you see My promises coming true?

Thatís what I see if youíll just follow Me the whole way

My people of old wouldnít trust Me, they would not obey

Finally in My anger I swore they could not enter

My place of rest

Beware, My children, lest your eyes of faith

Be blinded by unbelief

Donít lose your faith, My children

Donít stop trusting Me now


700. Just To Touch The Hem Of His Garment


Just to touch the hem of His garment

And I know Heíll give me what I need

Just to touch the hem of His garment

And I know I have touched the King


A woman who suffered for many years

From a sickness that could not be cured

Knew if she touched the hem of His garment

Her sickness would be no more

Oh, for faith to be like that woman

Just to know that if I touch Him

Heíll give me strength, a healing, whatever I need

Oh YAHWEH-YASHA, I reach out to thee


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