701. Donít Forget, Your Time Will Come


Donít forget, My children, your time will come

Keep knocking till the door opens for you

You must be patient, My strength will see you through

Seek Me for strength, Iíll give you strength to stand

Submit to patience, it wonít be long

Wait on Me, suddenly your time will come


702. You Must Have Faith To Wait


You must have faith to wait for all I have promised

By faith you can persevere

You must believe in My promises

Stand firm, I am dependable

To those who submit to patience

It wonít be long until you see My plans come to light

Your blind eyes will clearly see

Just remember as you wait

All I have patiently taught you

To all who sincerely want to, you can please Me now


703. I Really Feel So Blessed


I really feel so blessed; I really feel so blessed

I serve YAHWEH-YASHA and in His hands I rest

I really feel so blessed


I look around me and see all the sin

Sadness and pain

The world is filled with wickedness

And heartache so great

Although Heís never promised me

Everything would go perfectly

I feel His hand on me and His love so free

And I really feel so blessed


704. Children Were Born


Children were born in the wilderness

Children are born today

He made a way in the wilderness

Heíll make a way today


705. What Do I Desire From You?


What do I desire from you, My children?

It isnít sacrifices or a burnt offering

Just praise Me for what Iím going to do

Just thank Me for all of your blessings

Satan will try to foul up your thinking

Heíll try to get you to think youíre not blessed

He will try to convince you I donít care about you

That I wonít come through

Just keep praising and thanking Me

Thatís what I desire from you


706. Iím Not Sorry


Iím not sorry Iím living for you

Iím not sorry, itís your path I choose

Iím not sorry, your voice I want to follow and obey

Iím not sorry, Iím not sorry


Since youíve called me to live for you

Itís not been easy it is true

But Iíve been blessed beyond compare

Itís a thrill to know you care

Iím not sorry Iím living for you


707. Your Securityís In Me


Your securityís in Me, YAHWEH-YASHA

Your securityís in Me, YAHWEH-YASHA

Not in jobs, not in bonds, not in homes or friends

Not in banks or money

Your securityís in Me, YAHWEH-YASHA


708. Sweet Peace


Into your tender care I come

YAHWEH-YASHA, my Saviour

No longer will I roam to and fro

But into your tender care will I stay forevermore

And bring you joy, YAHWEH-YASHA, now and forever


Now think on this, My child, forever you will be with Me

Thereíll be love and joy and sweet peace to be

Forever, My child, to be

Sweet peace is what I give to you for suffering for My name

Sweet peace is what I give to you for standing alone


709. You Canít Take My Walk


You canít take my walk with God away from me

His lovely, true name is not for sale

Thereís not enough money in this world to buy me off

To please YAHWEH-YASHA means everything to me

You canít take my walk with God away from me

I treasure it above all else

Like Enoch, one day the bride will be taken

In the twinkling of an eye the church will be gone

To be in that number is my desire

May I be kept from all wrong


710. I Grant To You The Victory


I grant to you the victory that you will see, My child

From My throne here in glory

I grant to you the victory that only comes from Me

For you will see My splendor

Heavenís help is on its way

My child, for you I grant you heavenís home

And forever you will be with Me

I love you, My child, I always will

For you will be with Me now and forever

I grant to you the victory through trials and tests

I grant to you the victory that will always be for you


711. We Thank You For The Songs


We thank you for the songs

We thank you for the melodies

Your words are pure and clean

They bring happiness and peace

YAHWEH-YASHA, we are so undeserving

Of your love and mercy

Without you where would we be?

Our lives must be pleasing unto Thee

How can we thank you enough?

With hearts of thanksgiving we praise you


712. I Know He Will Make A Way


I know YAHWEH-YASHA will make a way

I know YAHWEH-YASHA will make a way

He led His children through the mighty Red Sea

He is the same today; Heíll make a way for me


713. I Will Never Leave You Alone


I will never leave you alone, My child

I will never leave you alone, you see

For you are always in My thoughts and on My mind

Forever you will be with Me

So donít worry or fret, the time is not yet

Forever you will be with Me

My child, I love you and I always will

So be for Me a sacrifice

Thatís what it takes, you see, to be with Me


714. YAHWEH-YASHA Is Trustworthy


YAHWEH-YASHA is trustworthy

You can always depend on Him

You canít trust the world, they will fail

But YAHWEH-YASHA will never fail us

You can believe all His promises

They will all come to pass

YAHWEH-YASHA, you are trustworthy


715. Trust Me, I Am Looking After You


Trust Me, I am looking after you

Trust Me, I will always see you through

Trust Me, Iíll supply all of your needs

Trust Me and you will see


Do not let your hearts be filled with doubt

Seek Me and you can be free

Do not be full of fear; give your worries unto Me

I am there for you but you must trust Me


716. Bear Fruit In Me


Bear fruit in Me, My children

Let My Word produce within

Iíve given you plenty of time to do things My way

Listen to Me, My children

Every branch that bears no fruit I will cut away

That branch will end by being burnt

Donít fall back into your old ways

Stay free from the entrapments of sin

A slave has no rights; My children must be free

Iíve told you the truth; My Word must bear fruit in thee


717. Win Your Battle With Satan


Win your battle with Satan, My children

You must overcome him or he will destroy

He canít stand up to My Word

His power is built on lies, deception and fear

He tries to control your actions by working on your mind

My Word is truth; believe it

I love you; I want to use you but you must win your battle

By standing and proclaiming My Word with faith

Take charge of your life; surrender your will to Me

Let Me be your Master

Satan can only defeat you if you let him or believe his lies


718. I Will Obey


I will obey; I will obey you from my heart

Youíve given me chance after chance to obey

But I wanted my own way

YAHWEH-YASHA, I will do what you ask

For you will help me

I will obey in the morning, noon and nighttime

What you want is not too hard

You want your servant to walk in holiness

Remember, My children, to always put My feelings first

I saved you to be Mine

Iíll cradle you in My arms; do what I ask


719. Take A Chance On Me


Take a chance on Me; I am your security

Trust Me with all of your heart

Lean not unto your own understanding

Ask Me to direct your ways and I will guide you on My path

Sometimes what I ask of you isnít easy looking by sight

Take a chance on Me; you wonít be sorry

Those who trust in Me

Find that Iím a well that never runs dry


720. Look To Godís Word


Look to Godís Word; look to Godís Word

It will tell you whatís right and whatís wrong

Look to Godís Word; look to Godís Word

He will keep you with His mighty, strong arm


No fear or temptation shall overtake you

If you will just trust in Him

He does not lie; believe every word

And from Him you must not turn

Trust yourself completely to Him


721. Thank You For Loving Me


Thank you for loving me

Thank you for showing me how to be

Your words are upright and true

They are life; they are security

My hope is in you, YAHWEH-YASHA

Thank you for loving me; I praise you


722. He Is The Way


While subjected to hardships, we must not be distressed

When faced with no way out, we must not despair

He will see us through

YAHWEH-YASHA will be our way out; He is the way

We will be pursued but not cut off

We may be knocked down

But still have some life in us

He will see us through

YAHWEH-YASHA will breathe life in us

He is the Way


723. I Took The Wisest Road


I took the wisest road; I took the wisest road

I took the wisest road beside Him

I took the wisest road; I took the wisest road

I took the wisest road beside Him


724. Donít Misunderstand Me


Donít misunderstand Me, My children

I know what Iím doing

I did not lead you this far to desert you

Read My Word; see how I do things

My ways are not your ways

My ways always come to pass

You must trust Me

Donít try to figure everything out

It wonít work; it could lead to unbelief

It could destroy your faith


Iíve nurtured you; Iíve given you My Word

You must seek Me; lay aside everything else

Itís all going to pass away very quickly

Do My will, you know what My will is

Iíve pleaded with you; Iíve talked with you

My Spirit has guided you; listen to My voice

I wonít hurt you if youíll only obey

My ways wonít cause you to struggle

My ways will lead to victory

Follow Me, My children, follow Me




Bless YAHWEH-YASHA; bless His holy name

For His love always remains the same

Bless YAHWEH-YASHA; put all your trust in Him

Let us come out from among this world

And be separate

Let us love Him with all our hearts


Bless His holy name forevermore


726. You Found Me


I was in this world but you found me

I was wandering to and fro, yet you found me

Iím so thankful I answered your call

To forsake all else and give you my all

Iím just a speck of dust in this world

But you know right where Iím at

Thank you for the light to guide my path

So I donít have to walk in darkness

All because you found me


727. He Carries Us Along


He carries us along; He carries us along

He carries us along day by day

This great God of ours gives strength to the weary

He carries us along day by day


728. Listen To My Instructions


Listen to My instructions, My children, donít reject it

My Spirit will teach you; I will show you the way

Soon the godly will be separated from the ungodly

Like wheat separated from the tares

Iíve warned you; Iíve spoken to you

Take heed, My children, Iím coming like a thief in the night


729. Weíve Come Too Far


Weíve come too far to turn back now

Weíve come too far to turn back now

YAHWEH-YASHA has helped us make it by His power

Weíve come too far to turn back now


730. Hold Firm In The Lord


Hold firm in the Lord; hold firm in the Lord

Whatever comes your way

YAHWEH-YASHA will make a way

Hold firm in the Lord


When the winds of trials blow fierce and strong

Hold firm in the Lord

YAHWEH-YASHA will guard and keep you

By His mighty arm

Hold firm in the Lord


731. Victory Is Coming


Victory, victory is coming; shout it, victory is coming

We march on in His great name

Down will come the walls just the same

With our great God behind us

Thereís nothing we canít do when He tells us to

Victory, victory is coming;  praise YAHWEH-YASHA!


732. Iíve Been Rescued


Iíve been rescued from the chains of sin

Iíve been rescued, I have peace within

YAHWEH-YASHA paid the price for me to have eternal life

Iíve been rescued, praise His name


733. I Must Decrease


I must decrease, you must increase, YAHWEH-YASHA

You died for me that I no longer live for myself but unto you

You purchased me at Calvary; Iím no longer my own

Iím yours for you to rule

For any man who submits to you is a new creature

Old things have passed away

Behold, all things have become new


734. You Will Live Forever


You will be immortal if you serve Me

You will be immortal if you serve Me

You will be immortal if you serve Me

You will live forever if you serve Me


You must keep My commandments and serve Me

You must keep My commandments and serve Me

You must keep My commandments and serve Me

You will live forever if you serve Me


735. Be Relentless


Be relentless when you call on Me

You must keep trusting and seeking Me

Or doubt will creep in

Then the enemy will trap you

And cause you to sin

You must not allow your faith to weaken

Or you could be lost

So be tireless in your knocking

Stand firm in what Iíve given

Be relentless when you call on Me


736. Respond To My Word


Respond to My Word, My children

Show Me that you believe

My Word will surely come to pass

I am dependable and true

Take My Word; open up your heart

Respond in obedience

Thanksgiving and praise

Thatís what I want, My children

A response of love to My ways


737. Stand For Me


Stand for Me; stand for Me

Stand for My name and for all thatís holy

The world will try to press in

And destroy your faith

Just stand for Me and youíll be Mine

For all eternity


738. Iíve Pledged My Word


Iíve pledged My Word to you, My children

Iíve revealed to you My holy name

Iíve told you what I want and how to be

Listen carefully and see

Iím about to perform My Word for thee

As long as you continue to listen and obey

You have nothing to fear

I wonít change My mind about My plans

If youíll let Me have My way

You are the clay; I am the Potter

Soften your heart, donít resist My Spirit

My plans are good if youíll only walk My way


739. He Is My Strength And My Song


I was pushed hard to make me fall

But YAHWEH-YASHA came to my help

He is my strength and my song

He surrounds me with songs of deliverance

He shows me the way to go; He is my Saviour


He is my strength and my song


740. His Name Is Above All Names


His name is above all names

The holy name Ė YAHWEH-YASHA

His name is a fortress and a shield


One day every knee shall bow and tongue confess


His name will never fail Ė YAHWEH-YASHA


741. Be Careful, My Children


Be careful, My children

Carelessness has cost many their souls

Iíve warned you to listen closely

Carelessness is no excuse

Donít forget what you have learned

Iíll call you to account on all youíve been taught

Be careful, My children, donít drift away

My coming is close

Hold on tightly to all youíve been given


742. Step Out From This World


Step out from this world, My children

Discard the desire to be admired by sinners

The opinions of others will bind you up and hold you back

You must be free from human inclinations

In order to please Me

Be less like the world and more like Me


743. Take Up Your Cross


Take up your cross and follow Me, My children

Give your lives to Me to use as I desire

Deny yourselves anything that would

Hinder your walk with Me

I need you to be free from the desires of evil pleasure

Fortune and fame

The world and all of its pleasures will pass away

But those who do My will, will live forever

Seek the things that are eternal

Those pleasures will last and not fail

My children, give yourselves to Me


744. He Reached Down His Hand


He reached down His hand for me one day

He reached down His hand and showed me the way

I was lost in sin in the deep miry clay

But He reached down His hand for me one day


745. Have Faith


When things go wrong as they sometimes will

Have faith

When things are hard to understand, have faith

Faith is the calm assurance

That everything will work out

That YAHWEH-YASHA will make a way

Have faith through every testing and trial

Have faith that if you obey

Everything will work out just right

Have faith in YAHWEH-YASHA

And donít worry how things look by sight


746. His Name Shall Be Called Emmanuel


His name shall be called Emmanuel

God is with us

His name is YAHWEH-YASHA

YAHWEH our Saviour

He shall save His people from their sins

He shall save His people from their sins


Born of a virgin, He came unto His own

But they received Him not

But those who received Him

He gave power to become children of God

To those who believed in His name


747. Consider This, My Children


Consider this, My children

Abraham was only one when I called him

But I blessed him and made him a great nation

I specialize in what man calls impossible

What man admires, I despise

The proud and arrogant will be brought low

Do not fear peopleís taunts

Donít be alarmed by their insults

Take to heart My commands

Be humble and lowly, stand firm and strong

My name is eternal

Everything has its perfect time


748. Hold On, Hold On


Hold on to that which is good

Hold on, hold on, hold on

The enemy would like to destroy our souls

The evil of this world he has control

But YAHWEH-YASHA, the Almighty One

Will keep us safe and secure

But to Him we must hold on, hold on, hold on


749. We Have Only One Life


We have only one life to live

We have only one life to give

We have only one life to dedicate to Him

We have only one life to live


The length of our lives is as a vapor

Here today and gone the next

The only thing that really matters

Is obeying and pleasing Him


750. When We Get To Heaven


When we get to heaven and we see the holy city

There will be no roof; there will be no roof

For the glory of YAHWEH-YASHA will shine

He is the holy temple, the river and the light

YAHWEH, God Almighty and the Lamb

He is the holy temple

The river and the light will flow from Him

And the river and the light will flow from Him


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