351. Please Help Me To Be


Please help me to be how you want me to be

I call to you, I pray to you, I seek you earnestly

Please help me to be how you want me to be

Nothing else in this world matters to me

I yield to you, I submit to you wholeheartedly

Let your will be done in my life

Just keep me from sin and strife

Please help me to be how you want me to be

Complete all youíve started as you work on me


352. I Will Make A Way


I will never put upon you more than you are able to bear

Draw close to Me, Iíll be your friend

Share with Me your every care

And youíll find the strength to make it

Through whatever it may be

For I will make a way for you


I will make a way through each and every hardship

I will make a way through each and every trial

Though you find yourselves in helpless situations

Donít despair, for I will make a way for you


353. YAHWEH-YASHA Is All I Have


YAHWEH-YASHA is all I have

I say to myself, so I put my hope in Him

YAHWEH-YASHA is good to those who trust Him

Let us raise our hearts and hands to our great God


To all who search for Him itís good to wait

In silence for Him to save

To sit in solitude when it weighs heavy

To lay oneís head in the dust

To have oneís fill of disgrace

For He wonít reject anyone forever


354. Stay Close To Me


Stay close to Me, My children

Love truth, be wise, stay clean

I search for those who love truth

Not content in their own ways

If youíll only listen to My voice today

I am calling out to you

Go with Me the whole way


Take advantage of what I offer, My children

My name, My path, My ways

Your lives must be holy and pure

Shun darkness, its bite brings death

Stay away from sin and falseness, My children

Its power is much stronger than you


355. We Have A Hope


We have a hope for which we cannot see

YAHWEH-YASHA is leading us to victory

By faith we are able to stand

But only if we hold onto His hand

Heís marked out the way for us to walk

If we obey, He will be our rock

We have a hope not visibly present

A hope for which we cannot see

Our faith is secure in His presence

As we wait in persevering confidence


356. If You Play With Fire


If you play with fire, My children

You will get burned

Listen and Iíll show you the way

Stay with Me and Iíll stay with you

Let My words remain in your hearts and souls

Fasten your eyes upon Me, avoid every evil way

I see your every action; I know your every thought

My children, turn away from all darkness

Stay free from every trap

If youíll keep your garments spotless

Iíll take you for My very own


357. It Is Up To Me


Yes, itís up to me to seek your face this day

Yes, itís up to me to believe what you have to say

Yes, itís up to me to yield and to receive

Promises for victorious living

As I truly commit my life to Thee


It is up to me how I choose to walk this day

It is up to me how much I want to pray

It is up to me to yield and surrender my will

Do I really want to walk your way?


358. I Trust The Potter


I trust the Potter

He knows what Heís doing with me

I trust the Potter

Heís shaping me as He sees fit

I am just a piece of clay, nothing special in any way

Shaped for the Masterís use

Trained to be used as He would choose

I trust the Potter; Heís still working on me

I trust the Potter; may He be pleased with what He sees


359. Thank You


Thank you, thank you, YAHWEH-YASHA

Thank you for all you have done for me

Thank you, thank you, YAHWEH-YASHA

With a heart of thanksgiving I praise you


Thank you for giving me the strength to run

Youíve been so good to me

Youíve given me eyes to see

I could not stand if it wasnít for you

Thank you for being faithful and true


360. Trust My Ways


Trust My ways, trust My ways, trust My ways

And see how much I want to do for you

Trust My ways, trust My ways, trust My ways

And you will walk in victory


I cannot move where there is doubt and fear

I cannot help when no peace is near

All I ask of you is realize that I am in control


361. He Is Mine


He is mine, He is mine

YAHWEH-YASHA, my Saviour divine

Health may fail, friends be gone

But YAHWEH-YASHA remains the same

He is mine, He is mine

I am His and He is mine


If I had all the world has to offer

All that silver and gold could buy

None of these things could begin to compare

To the precious love of my Saviour

I am thankful Iíve been redeemed through Calvary

Because now I can sing

He is mine, He is mine

Heís the strength of my life and He is mine forever


362. My Saviour Is Leading Me


My Saviour is leading me day by day

I can make it if I trust Him all the way

In YAHWEH-YASHA is where my hope can be found

I can rely on Him

His promises are sound


My Saviour is guiding me day by day

I wait with much excitement to hear what He will say

If I obey His voice, near Him I will stay

Under His protective wings and never go astray


363. Be Renewed In Your Trust


Be renewed in your trust in Me

For without trust you will not please Me

Iíve led you out of tradition to stand upon My truth

But I have not left you comfortless

If youíll just trust Me, you will be so blessed

Be renewed in your trust in Me

Thatís what I want from My own


Insist on truth in a day and age

Where darkness seems to reign

Itís been My purpose to reveal to you

How rich in truth you are

But you must trust in My wisdom

You must trust in My name

Take a look in your hearts, My church

Make sure you trust in My ways


Donít let anyone divert you in the way

Iíve called you to walk

Iím the One you must follow

Iím the One you must fear

You must love Me with all your hearts

My commandments you must keep

You must serve and obey Me

To Me you must hold fast


364. The Word Became Flesh


The Word became flesh and dwelt among us

As the only Son of God

The Word became flesh as a tiny baby

Letís worship the God of Israel


No one has seen God except for the Son

And to whom the Son has revealed

A light shone from heaven and we beheld Him

As our Saviour, YAHWEH-YASHA

Blessed be the Father for sending the Son

To lay down His life for free

Give glory! Sing praise! He is coming again!

Soon our Saviour we shall see


365. The People Who Know Their God


The people who know their God

Shall be strong and do great things

They shall run and not be weary

They shall walk and not faint

If they will look to YAHWEH-YASHA

From whence cometh their strength

Their faces shall be enlightened

And they shall not be ashamed in His sight


The people who love their God

Shall stand firm in Him

Their lives shall be a witness

To what YAHWEH-YASHA has done

Give all the glory to our great God

For allowing His people to taste His words

With glimpses of glory


366. I Can Do All Things


I can do all things through YAHWEH-YASHA

Who strengthens me

I can do all things through YAHWEH-YASHA

Who strengthens me

If I will walk in the Spirit

I will not fulfill the lust of the flesh

If I believe in His Word, I will remain firm in Him

I can do all things through YAHWEH-YASHA


367. Iíll Get It Done


My children, Iíve called you to live a consistent life for Me

If the cares of this life or lusts enter in

You produce no fruit and that is sin

Let My Word produce within you

Finish what Iíve called you to do

An unfinished work gets no credit from Me

Thereís a job to do, now do it wholeheartedly


Iíll get it done, Iíll get it done, I will get it done

Iíll not slack off, Iíll not give up, I will get it done


368. You Are The God Of My Strength


You are the God of my strength

You are the mighty rock of old

You led your people through the wilderness

They all ate the same food and drank from the same rock

And that rock was Christ!

Send out your light and your truth

They shall be my guide

I will rejoice and praise you, YAHWEH-YASHA

Why so downcast? Why all these sighs?


I will praise Him still, My Saviour! My God!


369. Hold On, Iím Coming


Hold on, Iím coming, it wonít be very long

Just hold on, Iím coming, just keep holding on


My strength I shall give to you to run this race and win

My power shall be upon you by My Spirit

And through My name

My light shall guide you each and every day

Just hold on, Iím coming, just keep holding on


Nation shall rise against nation but the end is not yet

Kingdom shall rise against kingdom

Stand strong, do not fear

Many signs and wonders must all come to pass

Just hold on, Iím coming, just keep holding on


370. Donít Be Concerned


Oh My people, donít be concerned

By what others think of you

But be very concerned of what I think of you

The opinions of others will bind you up

Your actions will be controlled if you donít watch out

To love the praises of people will destroy your souls

But to love My praises will keep you alive forever

Donít be ashamed of Me

In this sinful, adulterous day

Or Iíll be ashamed of you    

When some day, in My glory, youíll stand before Me


371. Those Who Love YAHWEH-YASHA


Those who love YAHWEH-YASHA

Find satisfaction in His law

Those who love YAHWEH-YASHA

Humble themselves in His presence

Let us fall into the hands of our great and mighty God

For as His majesty is great, so is His mercy

Those who love YAHWEH-YASHA

Do not disdain His words

Those who love YAHWEH-YASHA

Love His name and keep His ways

Let us do our very best

To make our Father pleased with us

Let us follow on His path and hope in Him


372. Have I The Strength?


Have I the strength to go on waiting?

Yes, if I keep my eyes on Him

Have I the strength to go on waiting?

Yes, if I see the future as bright

May I remember the patience of Job

As YAHWEH-YASHAíS coming draws so near

That He is kind and compassionate

To those who faithfully endure


373. Judgment Is Going To Fall


Judgment is going to fall, My children

Make sure you are doing things My way

If the righteous are scarcely saved

Where shall the sinner and the ungodly appear?

I am going to punish the world

For its wickedness

I will put an end to the haughtiness of man

On the day My anger ignites

The heavens will shake, the earth will reel

Since everything is coming to an end like this

What holy and godly lives you should be living

As you wait for My day to come


374. Walk In The Light


My children, walk in the light that I have given you

For in Me thereís no darkness

Iíve given you much truth

I love you, My children, I want to correct you

And lead you in the way that you should go

My eye is upon you, Iím watching you, I love you

Will you not obey Me? Will you follow Me?

Youíll be so glad that you have

Thereís always good in everything I have for you

I will never fail you, I am always true, I am there to help you

Call upon Me, Iíll be with you, I will never leave you

You are My children and I love My own


375. Take Seriously Your Walk


Behold, the hour is near at hand for My return

I speak to you, My church, I say to watch and pray

Make sure your lives are holy

Make sure your hearts are pure

Iím coming back for those who love My ways


Now is the time to take seriously your walk with Me

Now is the time to take to heart My words

And look to Me for strength

Now is the time to take seriously your walk with Me

Now is the time to be prepared to be My bride


376. My Heart Rejoices


My heart rejoices, my soul delights

My body too will rest secure

For my God will not abandon me

He is faithful to all His own

My heart is set on YAHWEH-YASHA

He will guard me and keep me if I believe

He will respond from His throne in glory

Heís my strength, my rock, my shield


377. Praise Is The Language Of Faith


Praise is the language of faith; praise is the language of faith

Let faith arise and sing it out to our YAHWEH-YASHA

Oh, praise is the language of faith


Only faith can guarantee the blessings we hope for

Or prove the existence of those things unseen

 As faith flows out of us, we praise our Mighty God

For praise is the language of faith


378. You Must Have Faith


You must have faith that I am leading you

You must have faith that I will see you through

You must have faith that I will never fail

You must have faith, you must have faith in Me

You must have faith that Iím surrounding you

With the shelter of My love

You must have faith Iím coming back

To take you to My home in glory

You must have faith and trust in all I say

You must have faith; you must have faith in Me


379. You Must Overcome Your Trials


You must overcome your trials or they will overcome you

Do not grieve My Holy Spirit

But renew yourselves through and through

You must overcome your trials

Through trials you learn to lean on Me

Put on all My armor and then overcome to victory


380. I Will Sing To The Name


I will sing to the name of the Most High

Iíll praise His unforgettable holiness

For YAHWEH our Saviour is great


I will sing to the name of the Most High

Iíll thank Him for His saving justice

All praise be given to YAHWEH our God

For making Himself our Saviour


I will sing to the name of the Most High

His greatness is beyond all reckoning

I shall bless His name forever

Heís worthy of all praise

I will sing to the name of the Most High

I will speak of His awesome power

All praise be given to YAHWEH our God

For making Himself our Saviour


381. We Wait For You


Weíll be going home so very soon

YAHWEH-YASHA, we wait for you

You give the hope to live each day

You give the strength to watch and pray


Many generations have come and gone

Waiting for you just like we do

But one generation will be the last

One generation will welcome you back

Home is the place we long to go

YAHWEH-YASHA, we wait for you

May we be a people faithful and true

How many years we wasted

When we didnít know you

How patiently you waited, beckoned and pled

To our sinful hearts that never wanted your ways

But now that weíve found you, weíll never let go

YAHWEH-YASHA, we wait for you


382. I Submit To You


I submit to you, I submit to you

You provide each and every day

You feed my soul all along the way

Oh, I submit to you


Look at the birds of the air

They donít gather or store food away

But our Heavenly Father provides for them

Each and every day

Look at the children of old

They received manna from above

They were told to store none away

Because more would come the next day

The reason for this is clear

So His people would depend on Him

Letís trust in Him with all our hearts

And submit to the end


383. Stay On My Path


Stay on My path for it will lead to heaven

Enter at My gate for it is straight and narrow

Come unto Me with your burdens and your troubles

For My yoke is easy and My burdenís light

Stay on My path and youíll rejoice forever

Stay on My path and follow Me




When I am in trouble or when thereís distress I feel

I run to my Saviour for I know Heís real

Heís a mighty strong tower for me to run into

My prayers He hears

He calms all my fears

For my God is real


YAHWEH-YASHA is real, thereís no doubt about it

His works are so wonderful and true

So letís sing and shout it

YAHWEH-YASHA is real, though some may deny it

His ways are so faithful and so pure, on this I rely on


385. I Shall Trust In Your Name


I shall trust in your name so full of goodness

I shall praise you for all youíve done for me

I will put my trust in your faithful love forever

For the upright shall walk in victory

How gladly will I offer you sacrifice

And praise your holy name for it is good

It has rescued me from all of my troubles

And sustained me upon your precious road


386. Itís My Desire


Itís my desire to live for YAHWEH-YASHA

Itís my desire to serve Him all my days

Itís my desire when lifeís journey is over

To thank Him for His marvelous grace


When I think of what my life would be like

If YAHWEH-YASHA hadnít cared

When I think of what He saved me from

The sin, the sadness, the shame

When I think of how He loved me so

And the love I didnít return

That is why I sing this song

Itís my desire to live for Him


387. My Sins Have Been Forgiven


My sins have been forgiven this I know

Iíve confessed and renounced them, so free I shall go

He is faithful and just to forgive my sins

Provided I forgive others from within

Whoever renounces their sins will be set free

Whoever hardens their hearts will be snared indeed

My sins have been forgiven, how happy I am

Iíll avoid all cause of guilt and be a pleasure to Him


388. I Donít Know What The Future Holds


I donít know what the future holds

But I know who holds the future

A patient man puts up with things

Until the right time comes

But his joy will break out in the end

Until that time he keeps his thoughts to himself

Many will affirm how wise he is

Woe to anyone who has lost the strength to endure

Woe to anyone who has lost their faith

For such a one will have no protection

As the day of His passing draws near


389. YAHWEH-YASHA Is Merciful


YAHWEH-YASHA is merciful and upright

Our God is tenderness and peace

YAHWEH-YASHA looks after His people

And keeps them with His strength


I am filled with love when YAHWEH-YASHA

Listens to the sound of my prayer

When He bends down His ear to hear me when I call

I know that He is near


My heart is at peace as I realize

That YAHWEH-YASHA hears me when I cry

He will rescue me from Satanís grasp

And dry the tears from my eyes


390. We Are Blessed


We are blessed to know the Saviour

We are blessed to call upon His name

We are blessed because Heís with us

We are blessed, we are blessed, we are blessed


Our songs are a glimpse of the future

That we have been privileged to see

A glimpse of His name, a glimpse of His reign

A glimpse of eternity


One day the whole world will carol with us

One day the whole world will see

A truth that has been lost for ages

Yet we see through a glass so dimly


391. Oh, How Sweet


Oh, how sweet the ways of God

Oh, how bitter the ways of man

His Word teaches me whatís right

Obedience makes me pleasing in His sight


Iíve had my fill of sin and shame, there is a better way

To walk in holiness each and every day

The wages of sin is death

The gift of God is eternal life

Obedience to His holy way

Keeps me from sin and from strife


392. Teach Me To Walk With You


Teach me to walk with you, YAHWEH-YASHA

Teach me your ways that I may never stray

If I will love you, truly love you

There is nothing you wonít see me through

Your Word is the only thing thatís dear to me

This world makes promises it cannot keep

My life is just a moment in eternity

Open my heart and mind, YAHWEH-YASHA


393. Stand Up To The Enemy


Stand up to the enemy through My name

Stand up to the enemy through My name

If you want to be victorious each and every day

Then stand up, stand up to the enemy

Through My name


Donít let Satan sift you like wheat

Donít listen to his words of defeat

For I have the power to break his chains

So stand up through My name


I am the only way

I say to stay awake and pray

Continue to listen and obey

And stand up through My name


394. Carry On


When things donít go your way

Carry on, I say, carry on

When things are hard to explain

Carry on, I say, carry on

Perseverance is part of your training

Any loving father trains his own

I am your loving Father

Follow Me and see

Iím training My children for victory

You may not see things clearly now

But some day youíll marvel at My glory

Carry on, I say, carry on

Carry on, I say, carry on


395. Donít Let Lusts Enter In


You called but I would not listen

You spoke but I would not answer

You knocked but my heart was cold

Sin had entered in; the enemy had won again

Let us always remember that when sin gets in our hearts

Its roots grow deep and hard

Donít yield to temptation or the power of sin

Donít let lusts enter in


396. Resist The Devil


Resist the devil and he will flee from you

Draw nigh unto God and He will draw nigh unto you

Cleanse your hearts, purify your minds, leave sin alone

Blessed is the man who endures temptation

For when he is tried he shall receive the crown of life


Has promised those who love Him


397. I Study To Show Myself Approved


I study to show myself approved


A workman that needeth not to be ashamed

Youíve shown me the way to walk

Youíve told me how to be

Some day youíll judge me accordingly

May we watch out for one another

May someone warn me if Iím not

How you want me to be

You truly mean what you say, YAHWEH-YASHA

I must be how you want me to be


398. Calvary


Calvary, Calvary

Itís a place called the Hill of Golgotha

Calvary, Calvary

Itís the place where my Saviour freed me


There once was a man named YAHWEH-YASHA

Who lived and died like no other

His life was an example of how ours should be

His message brought truth to a sinful, dark world

But His life was lost on a heavy cross

When sinís debt was paid

He arose from the grave; He lives and reigns

His blood still saves, Iíve been to Calvary


399. You Hung On A Cross


You hung on a cross for me

You hung on a cross for me

You hung on a cross so I could go free

You hung on a cross for me


You hung the stars of heaven

You hung the sun and moon

You hung our earth in orbit

You hung the planets too

You are the God of creation whose life has no end

Yet you hung on a cross for me


400. Heís Not Dead


Heís not dead, Heís alive

Yes, my Saviour is alive

He was placed in a tomb with a boulder rolled in front

He spent three days in the grave

But to death He was no slave

By the Spirit He arose from the dead

He purchased His church which He is the head

Heís not dead, Heís alive

Yes, my Saviour is alive


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