401. If YAHWEH-YASHA Is For Us


If YAHWEH-YASHA is for us who can be against us?

Who can be against us if our God is truly with us?

If YAHWEH-YASHA is for us who can be against us?

He will lead us on to victory!


We can come through all things victoriously

By the power of our great YAHWEH-YASHA

Who loved us so much that He gave His life for all

Now He wants us to follow and be pleasing to His call


Who can point a finger at His own?

For itís our God who can condemn or condone

If weíll keep steadfast in His ways then we will see

That Heís leading and guiding us to great victory


402. Blessed Is The Man


Blessed is the man who will seek your face

In your Book of Life, his name you will never erase

Blessed is the man who will trust your ways

When the rains bear down

His house will stand straight and strong

In his darkest hour you will be the light

That will shine as bright as the noonday sun

YAHWEH-YASHA is faithfulness and loving-kindness


403. Weíre On Our Way To Glory


Weíre on our way to glory, just singing as we go

Weíre on the path to heaven

Down that straight and narrow road

Weíre on our way to blessing to spend eternity

With many new songs and inspired melodies

Weíre on our way to glory, Oh, how happy we will be

When Satan weíve defeated and we shout victory

Yes, weíre on our way to heaven, just singing as we go

To YAHWEH-YASHA who has made it possible


404. Living For YAHWEH-YASHA



Is the only way to live in this life

To have Him near

To know He hears me gives me joy inside

He will never, never, never fail me

But in His way I must abide


Is the only way to live in this life


I donít know how people in this world

Make it without the Saviour

For I donít know where Iíd be

Without His love and favor

I want to follow Him with my life each day

And take to heart every word He says

For living for YAHWEH-YASHA

Makes me happy and complete


405. Thank You For Just Being There


Thank you, YAHWEH-YASHA, for just being there

When the clouds of adversity come

You are the only One on whom I can depend

I know that my life is in your hands

Thank you, YAHWEH-YASHA, for just being there

Through the good times and the bad times

You will see me right to the end

Where could I ever find a friend so true?

You know that my whole world is wrapped up in you


406. He Is All


He is all, He is all

Heís Creator, He is Saviour, He is all

Where shall we find sufficient power

To glorify His name?

He is all, He is forever, He is all


Be reminded of the works of our great and mighty God

By His Word they came to being and all obey His will

Who could ever grow tired of gazing at His glory?

How lovely are His works, how great are His ways


407. May It Please You


May it please you that I desire

To follow you wholeheartedly

Since those who trust in you will not be put to shame

And may it please you that I love your name

And esteem it above all

And may the contrite soul and humble heart

Be acceptable unto you, YAHWEH-YASHA


I have nothing to offer you; I have no wealth or fame

I have no deeds to boast about

I have no well-known name

All I have that I can offer

You is a broken, contrite heart

And may it please you to shape and mold me

In your precious ways, YAHWEH-YASHA


408. Just Stay Close To Him


When the little things can get us down

And the enemy stands his ground

It is when weíre not close to YAHWEH-YASHA

When the storms of life blow in

And we turn and run from every wind

It is when weíre not close enough to Him

If weíll stay close to YAHWEH-YASHA

He promises weíll win

We will discover how near He really is

As we start each day with prayer

Give to Him each day

Then just trust Him and let Him have His way

When doubts and fears arise

And we donít know which way is right

It is time to run to YAHWEH-YASHA

And just stay close to Him


409. You Are My Children


You are My children, Iím a Father unto thee

You are My children, you are growing up in Me

You must trust Me and love Me

Content yourselves in Me

Iím watching over your every step, just follow Me and see

You are My children, may you never be ashamed

You are My children, love My true and holy name

If youíll fear Me, draw near Me and never turn away

Youíll walk with Me down streets of gold

And be glad that you obeyed


410. Bring All Your Needs


Bring all your needs to YAHWEH-YASHA

He never gets tired of us coming to Him

Take all lifeís cares to YAHWEH-YASHA

Heís never too busy to listen


We are YAHWEH-YASHAíS children

Heís a Father who cares for His own

Heís a Shepherd who lovingly cares for His sheep

He is always ready and willing to help us

But there is a tempter who tries to scatter the sheep

With YAHWEH-YASHA near, we need never fear

Just stand in the strength and the power of His might


411. Itís Time To Believe


Itís time to believe in what I say

Itís time to believe and walk My way

Itís time to believe when you ask for things in My name

Itís time to believe and trust in Me

Itís time to believe, Iíll answer thee

Itís time to believe and receive through My name


Look, My children, and youíll see

That I am watching over thee

For My storehouse is filled with riches untold

I will answer from above

But you must ask from a heart of love

For Iíll perform My Word but you must believe


412. I Love You, YAHWEH-YASHA


I love you, YAHWEH-YASHA

For doing me so good

Now that you are with me, I will pray to you

I love you so much; you are so good to me

I love you

I love you, YAHWEH-YASHA


413. Just Trust My Ways


Just trust My ways, My children

And I will reward you someday

So donít give up, you will be living in great victory

Sometimes itís hard to follow My ways

But donít give up

Iíll keep My Word true forever


414. Donít Give Up


Donít give up, weíve come this far

He is leading us to victory, so donít give up

Thereís eternal life not far

YAHWEH-YASHA is leading us for a purpose

So donít give up, our walk is almost done


415. Through The Mouths Of Children


Through the mouths of babes and children

Flow forth praise so pure and sweet

Their hearts are not cluttered by this world

Their faith is so precious to Me

Oh My people, just be like the children

Do not worry, nor fret, nor sin

If youíll unclutter your hearts, then praise will flow out

For through the mouths of babes and children

I have perfected praise


416. We Know That You Are Leading


We know that you are leading

We know it is your voice

We know your hand is guiding us

We know we have the choice

To listen and to follow or to disobey

We know it is our Saviour who leads us this way


You led your people out of Egypt

To a place they never knew

Into the wilderness you beckoned them

If they would only follow you

You made a promise to supply all their needs

If they would only walk your way

You were leading them to the Promised Land

But they would not listen


417. Do You Not Know?


Do you not know? Have you not heard?

That YAHWEH our Saviour is the everlasting God

Do you not know? Have you not heard?

He created the remotest parts of the earth

Our God is wonderfully able to help us

When we find ourselves in need

He never turns a deaf ear to our cry

He will answer His people by and by

Do you not know? Have you not heard?

That YAHWEH-YASHA is alive


418. Stand Up For Whatís Right


Stand up for whatís right, My children

Donít allow yourselves to be deceived by this world

Stand strong for truth, My children

To the lost dead in trespasses and sin

There are some that have strayed

Some just donít know the way

Stand up and tell them, My children

That this world and its pleasures are passing away


419. Keep Walking


Keep walking, though the storm clouds roll

Keep walking, you see, Iím in control

Keep walking, holding firmly to My hand

Keep walking, victory is near

Keep walking, filled with faith so dear

Keep walking, My church, just keep walking


Oh My children, keep walking

For your goal is close at hand

Stay faithful to My every word

And soon youíll enter the Promised Land

The end of all things is near, My church

So keep yourselves pure and true

Just keep walking, for Iím leading and guiding you


420. Believe In YAHWEH-YASHA Now


Believe in YAHWEH-YASHA now

Judgment is going to come so soon

If you want to be with YAHWEH-YASHA someday

Just believe YAHWEH-YASHA now

Keep praying and praising Him


Follow Me, My children, please right now

Follow Me, My children, listen to Me now

Some people think itís a waste of time

But the reward is so great

So My children, believe in Me now


421. Be Thankful


Be thankful for the hardships you bear

That things arenít always so smooth

Be thankful that you can hear Me

And know that My eye is upon you

Be thankful for My ways for

Perseverance makes you strong

Be thankful you are tested

So you can feel hope in your hearts

Be thankful you can look to Me

Where else could you turn?

Be thankful you can trust and see

So you will experience great victory

Be thankful and exalt Me and show Me that you see

Be thankful you can sing and praise

Itís time to set your hearts free


422. Youíll Be Rewarded Someday


Youíll be rewarded someday

Youíll be rewarded if you follow and obey

Youíll be rewarded if youíre faithful on the way

Youíll be rewarded someday


Now without faith you cannot please Me

For Iíll reward those who will seek Me

So just please Me now with faith along the way

And be rewarded someday


423. I Get So Thrilled


I get so thrilled and excited

About your name, YAHWEH-YASHA

What your name means and who you are

No one can know the Son except the Father

No one can know the Father but the Son

And to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him

You told your disciples

ďHe that hath seen Me hath seen the FatherĒ

You came in your Fatherís name

You did mighty works in your Fatherís name

But the people would not believe

Oh, I get so thrilled about your name


424. Look To Me


Look to Me, look to Me

I have all you need

Just look to Me

Satan will try to steal your hunger

But you must fight right to the end

Look to Me, My children, look to Me


Itís by faith that you run this race

And not walking by sight

Look to Me for all lifeís hardships

Just stand up and fight

The enemy will try to steal your faith

But you must fight with all your might

Just look to Me, My children, look to Me


425. Thereís No One Like YAHWEH-YASHA


Thereís no one like YAHWEH-YASHA

Thereís no one like my King

Thereís no one who can touch me

And make my heart sing

Thereís no one like YAHWEH-YASHA

Thereís no one like Him who cares

Heís the only One who hears me

And answers my prayers


Thereís no one at all like YAHWEH-YASHA

Heís my Saviour, my strength and He is true

Heís everything my soul could long for in this life

Heís my happiness, my joy and Heís my refuge


426. He Never Changes


YAHWEH-YASHA is the same yesterday

Today and forever

Friends come and go, people let us down

But YAHWEH-YASHA stays the same

You can rely on Him Ďtil your dying day

Because He never changes

He will never abandon or leave us in need

Because He is always the same

His Word is good and His promises He will keep

Because He never changes


427. Victory For Thee


My children, come into My presence and sing a song to Me

Your hearts will be filled with praises

When you think of all Iíve done for thee

I took you from the mire of sin, washed and cleansed you

Through My blood at Calvary

So that you may know what it is to be forgiven

And have new hearts that want to please Me


I know how much the enemy is after you, My children

But I have provided a way of escape

In My name, cast down all thoughts

That would beset you, My children

And remember I have walked this path before thee

This same tempter wanted Me to fail

But I know what it is to have perfect victory

And I want no less for thee


428. We Need You


We need you every minute of every hour

We need you, youíre our strong and mighty tower

We need you, YAHWEH-YASHA, we need you


When the things of this world start to get to us

And the enemy is closing in

We must look to our Saviour and like sunlight to a flower

He will be our power


429. I Need Your Love For My Heart


YAHWEH-YASHA, I need your love for my heart

Yes, I really do need it for my heart

YAHWEH-YASHA, youíre the only One

I can get it from, yes you are

Yes, I need your love for my heart


430. We Give To You


We give to you, we give to you heartfelt praise

Joyfully worshipping your marvelous name

We give to you, we give to you heartfelt praise

Blessing your holy name


We shall praise you to the heights, YAHWEH-YASHA

We shall bless your name forever and ever

Day after day we shall glorify your ways

For you are great and worthy of all praise


431. You Rescued Me


In my flesh dwells no good thing

When all I want is to do your will

There is nothing good that dwells within, wretched that I am

But itís YAHWEH-YASHA who will set me free

Through His precious blood at Calvary

In my flesh there is no way

That I can please you or appease you

Thanks be to YAHWEH-YASHA who set me free

It is by your blood and Spirit, you rescued me


432. Itís Not Too Late


Itís not too late to serve YAHWEH-YASHA

Itís not too late to do things His way

One day it will all be over

The way we are is the way we will stay

The wise man builds on the rock

The foolish man builds on the sand

When the day of reckoning comes

He who has obeyed, his house shall stand


433. Precious Blood


Precious blood, precious blood

Precious blood was shed by my Saviour

Godís wrath was released on you instead of me


For your precious blood


You hung on a cross; you died hanging there

Such precious blood, such precious blood

Despising the shame, in death you took our place

Weíve been saved by your precious blood


434. Do Whatís Right


My children, do whatís right

If you do whatís right I will reward you

Please do whatís right for Me

I love you, really love you

So My children, do whatís right


435. Donít Let Me Down


Donít let Me down

But be renewed in your trust in Me

Canít you see that I am leading you?

Donít nullify My manna by doing things your way

Stay spiritual; let My Word come alive

You must yield to Me

Your hearts must be unbound

To feel the excitement of My promises

Youíve come so far, donít let Me down


436. Donít Let The Enemy Abuse You


My children, donít let the enemy abuse you

Heís the accuser of the brethren, but do not listen

Whom Iíve forgiven is forgiven

Whom Iíve set free is free

Go and sin no more and I wonít remember

Donít bring up the past to one another

Forgive and forget and let love flow

My children, thatís how I am towards each of you

And I demand no less from you


437. Woe Be To Anyone


Woe be to anyone who argues with his Maker

Weíre just one piece of clay among many

Woe be to anyone who questions His will

His plans will surely come about

Does the clay say to its potter, what are you doing?

Your work has no hands

Everything He does is for a purpose

At His command, what He wants is done

No one can stop Him

Everything there is comes from Him

And is caused by Him and exists for Him

To YAHWEH-YASHA be glory forever, amen


438. YAHWEH-YASHA Can Deliver You


YAHWEH-YASHA has the power to deliver you

YAHWEH-YASHA has the love that can change you

YAHWEH-YASHA is the hope that breaks sinís fetters

YAHWEH-YASHA will rule forever and ever


To live for the Saviour is the only way

Just give your heart to Him this very day

Come listen and learn at the Saviourís feet

Very soon you will see a new life begin


Heís reaching to all that will hear His call

His arms are open wide to both great and small

Itís still not too late to get in this race

To serve the Saviour and get to know Him better


439. We Have Put Our Trust


We have put our trust in the living God

He is YAHWEH-YASHA and His name is eternal

We have put our trust in the living God

Heís the Saviour of all who believe


Our God is upright and holy

And His eyes watch over all the world

He desires His people to trust His ways

For the honest will ever see His face

He has gone away to prepare His own a place

Yes, in YAHWEH-YASHA weíve put our trust


440. My Words Are Never Idle


My Words are never idle, I truly mean what I say

Turn your ear from the tongue that would deceive

And wholeheartedly love My ways

My Words are never idle, My promises are true

Turn your heart to My voice and rejoice

For My Words are guiding you


441. You Are Always There


You are always there when we need help

You are right there during testing and trials

You are right by our side

YAHWEH-YASHA, you are always there


442. I Care For You


My children, I care for you, I really care for you

My children, I love you

 My children, I care for you


443. The King Is Coming


The King is coming to town

Behold our great God for He comes

Heís the King of kings, the Lord of lords

YAHWEH-YASHA, the King, is coming to town


Oh, nothing can compare to His power

Nothing can compare to His care

Nothing can compare to the love that He has shared

The King is coming to town

When He speaks, just listen

Because His reward is with Him

To be the greatest or the least depends on obedience

The King is coming to town


444. Weíve Been Adopted


Weíve been adopted into His family

YAHWEH-YASHA has made us His own

When He shed His blood for you and me at Calvary

Oh praise His name, weíve been adopted by the King


We are heirs of the promise as long as we obey

Our Father nurtures us and cares for us each day

We are longing to be taken to our heavenly home

To live with the King and nevermore on earth to roam


445. You Are The Best


YAHWEH-YASHA, you are the best

YAHWEH-YASHA, you are the One I love

YAHWEH-YASHA, you are the best

YAHWEH-YASHA, you are the One who blesses me


446. Keep Your Minds Focused


Keep your minds focused on My Word

Keep your hearts receptive to all that you have heard

Ever closely follow and listen to what I say

Keep your minds focused on My Word today


Keep your thoughts on things that are above

Produce the fruits of joy, peace and love

Meditate upon My Word each and every day

Itís protection from the fiery darts

The enemy will throw your way


447. Stand Firm In My Might


Do not fear, stand firm and you will see

How I will come through for you

For I will help you fight your battles

And I will be right beside you

Listen carefully to My voice

And do what I regard as right

Stand firm in My might


If you really believe that I am leading you

Then you will see My miraculous hand

Walk confidently along My path

For Iím leading you to the Promised Land

Do not turn away from these words I say

Just believe that I know the way


448. If No One Else Will Follow


If no one else will follow, I will

It matters not what others think

If no one else will love you, I will

Youíre the best thing thatís happened to me

For what is life but a vapor

A piece of grass that withers away

If no one else will praise you, I will

I just want to walk your way


The life that you have given me is such a precious gift

I just want to give it back to you to do with as you wish

To be a humble servant of the Master of all things

Is the greatest honor and the highest calling


449. Put On Your Armor


Put on your armor every day by starting each day with prayer

Put on the helmet of salvation

Take your sword, which is the Word of God

Hold up the shield of faith

To quench the fiery darts of the enemy

Gird truth around your waist

With righteousness as your breastplate

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood

But against powers and principalities

Put on the armor of God, to keep the devil on the run


450. Love Not The World


Love not the world or the things of the world

Or the Fatherís love is not in you

Just seek the things that eternal life brings

So YAHWEH-YASHA can draw near you

His ways are good

They satisfy the deep longings of your soul

Theyíre pure and sweet; theyíre life and peace

Theyíll mend and make you whole

Many shall strive to enter the rest

That He has prepared for His children

But YAHWEH-YASHA has to turn them away

Because He never knew them


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